Southern Hospitality BBQ celebrates its two year anniversary.

Justin Timberlake’s Memphis inspired Southern Hospitality BBQ celebrated in true Dixie style, with a bit of casino action thrown in.ย  The mega pop star was circulating the room as was Jessica Biel, Piper Perabo, Chelsea Clinton, Jay-Z, Timbaland and more notables.

AnnMarie Nitti Southern Hospitality BBQAnnMarie Nitti (left) and friends

Voli Vodka co-owners

Justin Timberlak+Timbaland+Jessica Biel+Southern Hospitality BBQJustin Timberlake (hat) & Timbaland catch up amongst casino players, Jessica Biel far right

With a room filled wall to wall models and special invitees, it wasn’t the sort of “in aw” photo shoot the stars drinking.ย  It was, however, the type of atmosphere where one could share conversations with celebrities whilst munching on barbecued ribs, chicken and champagne (yes, a unique combination).

Southern Hospitality BBQ

A small donation to charity entitled you to a handful of chips where gambling at the crap table, poker or roulette (amongst other games) kept the crowd up to par with their chic wardrobe for the evening.

Southern Hospitality BBQ Oliver Evans+Southern Hospitality BBQLondon’s Oliver Evans from the Scene Network

DSCN7766 Southern Hospitality BBQ Southern Hospitality BBQ

As taken from the Southern Hospitality BBQ website below:

About Southern Hospitality

The phrase “Southern Hospitality” has always had the idea that people of the South are particularly warm and welcoming and use proper local etiquette – calling one “Sir” or “Ma’am,” opening doors for ladies, inviting one to their home, and the like.

At our restaurant “Southern Hospitality” takes on that philosophy and more. At Southern Hospitality BBQ, you’ll find everyone from Hollywood stars to locals, a menu of fine pulled pork sandwiches, baby back ribs, BBQ chicken, Southern fried catfish and many other southern favorites. All of this is topped off with a true New York setting, marked by flat screen TVs. And it’s all the vision of one gentleman dedicated to bringing sexy back – Justin Timberlake, along with friends Eytan Sugarman and Trace Ayala.

Southern Hospitality BBQ DSCN7776 Southern Hospitality BBQ DSCN7777 DSCN7780