LONDON: Marylebone

Originally from Moscow but grew up in Berlin (one of our favorite cities) this Russian beauty was scouted by a Berlin agency on the street.  She is certainly one RED HOT fashion model.


This Russian beauty has been busy working in Berlin, London, New York and Cape Town.


Favorite places?

“I love traveling but I do prefer to live and work in London.”

Favorite fashion brands at the moment?

“I do love Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabanna and Gucci.”

Your personal fashion style?

“I do like a mix of classic elegant pieces with dry clothes.  So I would say it’s always a mix.”

Diet and exercise?

“I do try to eat healthy avoiding sugar, meat, wheat and alcohol.  I try to exercise regularly at least three times per week.”

Favorite cheat sweet?

“Dark chocolate.”

Favorite beverage?

“Almond macha latte.”

Favorite things about the modeling industry?

“I do love to have my make up done and to take photos.  The basics are a pleasure to me.”

Dislikes of modeling?

“Unsteady work but it also gives me flexibility to do things I like during the day,”

Sleep habits?

“I try to go to bed early and love to sleep around 9 to 10 hours per night.”

Your idea of a “good” model?

“A good model is being a good example for your girls to live a healthy lifestyle.”

First modeling experience that made you feel like a real model?

“I think it was a big runway show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week next to Brandenburger Tor in Berlin.  My home town.”

Any large campaigns lately?

“Recently I did Manolo Blanhik.

Any other publications lately?

“FHM Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine.”