South American hotness


Originally from Brazil (via German mom and Argentine dad), Paula was discovered by a scout working for Elite Model Look. She went through their competition and became a finalist hence, ended up in New York.

What category of model are you considered? Fashion, swimwear, fitness, lingerie, commercial?

“I consider myself all of the above. I think that when you work as an artist you have to learn how to master the ability to be versatile. It’s very important to be always ready and prepared.”

Which countries or cities have you traveled to for work and/or lived?

I have traveled to Germany, Portugal, Chile, Paris. I took some time off of my career to finish my studies and then returned to modeling in the USA. I can say that the United States won my heart. I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to live and work in such an amazing country.

Who are your favorite designers at the moment and/or what does your wardrobe consist of these days?

“My favorite designers are; Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Jacquemus, Zuhair Murad and Alexander Wang. My closet is basically all black! I also love leather pants and I have 37 pairs of them!”

What is your PERSONAL fashion style, comfort, elegant, sport?

“For evening I prefer more classic and elegant. I think less is more. For daytime, I love the minimalist street style!”

What sort of diet and exercise routine do you have day to day?

“I do the low carb diet! Works wonders for me. During the week I try to watch what I eat more often, but on weekends I eat whatever I want. After all life is about balance! But I am not vegetarian and I also have zero food restrictions.”

What are your favorite desserts or sweet cravings?

” I do have sweet cravings a lot! I am obsessed with cookies especially the ones from Levain Bakery! They are insane. I also love pecan pie and key lime pie. When I am on a diet I’m obsessed with protein bars! I like to bake a Quest Bar in the oven and this trick keeps me on my diet!”

Favorite beverage, alcoholic or non alcoholic?

“I’m not that into drinking alcohol. I started drinking tequila in the United States because everyone here loves it! But only have it very occasionally, not weekly. I do love a good wine during dinner but that’s about it!”

What are a few things you most enjoy about modeling?

“It’s an amazing career filled with opportunities. The best thing about my career for me has to be the friendships I’ve made on this journey. I have friends all over the world so I am always asking them about their culture and their country. The payment is also a good thing, but I am the kind of person who adores human connection. I also think I have much more to learn in this world! So the most important thing for me is being able to connect with people, travel to places and explore new things!”

What are a few things you dislike about the modeling business?

“I don’t like superficial people gossiping about others. I think that unfortunately there’s a lot of that in this business. I try to always keep to myself away from these conversations and remain positive about spreading love!”

How many hours per night do you usually sleep and is it important for your career?

“Sleeping is very important for me. But when I am too anxious about a job or something coming I can’t sleep much! But otherwise I try to sleep at least 7 hours per night.”

What is your idea of a GOOD model vs. a BAD model with respects to lifestyle, day to day habits?

” I respect models that are sharing a healthy lifestyle away from parties and unhealthy habits. I think Gisele Bundchen (when she was a full time model) has done a very good job sharing her habits and motivating people to be the best version of themselves!”

What was your first BIG job that made you feel like you were a real model?

“For me it was the first one I got for a very famous Brazilian designer called Arthur Caliman. He is very famous in my country for dressing all the actresses and famous people for gala parties. I was very young and he selected me for a campaign, lookbook and magazine advertisements. I felt honored and learned a lot with him.”

What brands, commercial or fashion, have you worked with?

“I have worked with All Things Mochi, Anne Fontaine, Century 21, Generation Love, Nars, Janique and many more.”

Which notable magazines or publications have you been in?

“I feel like the model industry has changed a lot and there’s way less magazines being published nowadays due to the internet era. A lot of magazines are not being printed anymore. Elle and Vogue are future projects for me. Curretly I have been in magazines such as Gloss, Gulfshore Life, Young, Amuse Mag and Caras – which is famous in my country.”

Any future plans for acting, Hollywood?

“Unfortunately I have no plans for acting! For now I want to improve myself with modeling and focus on that.”

Anything quirky about you? Skydiver? Skateboarder? Auto mechanic?

I am a very good writer! I have also studied Psychology. My friends are always coming to me for advice and I love helping people to understand themselves better!