Capturing a digital experience in a physical place

LOS ANGELES: Miracle Mile

Los Angeles, known for expensive cars, expensive homes, expensive movie budgets, expensive tech ideas, expensive shopping and expensive art.  Of course, all of these items are relative to each person’s income level.  The American Riviera does tend to attract the creme de la creme of that so called “2%” globally.  A perfect environment for art and the latest show: Meeting Jasmin.

Meeting Jasmin 2Jasmin?

We didn’t exactly meet Jasmin.  She was not there and yet all over at the same time.  So who is she?

“Meeting JASMIN portrays the mind, body, and soul journey an individual takes when discovering a new lover or muse.

In this essence, renowned digital artists Raphael Vincenzi, Alberto Seveso, and Hugo Valentine bring to life JASMIN models in 33 unique works that capture the many emotions and complex, personal connections that take place throughout the self-discovery process of meeting someone new.

Each artist renders their own digital interpretation in an effort to capture the intrigue of each portrait. Are you tempted by her eyes led with lust and desire, or understanding and empathy? Does she entice you because of her mischievous smile or because you can’t turn away from her intense, passionate stare?

Since the beginning of time, man has been recreating the female spirit and the emotions it renders in the form of art. From the Venus de Milo to the Mona Lisa, the articulation of women as the primary subject offers a striking advantage and alluring presence that both tantalizes and lures in the viewer- much like the effects a rst-time digital encounter can have on users.

As the original online platform to allow real-time, live streaming video chat between multiple users via webcams, JASMIN chose digital artists to align with their core business of technology. Each artist honed in on integrating the digital experience within a physical space, bringing these universal feelings to life using their own signature styles.”

Meeting Jasmin Caroline D'Amore Meeting Jasmin Caroline D'Amore DJCaroline D’Amore

Meeting Jasmin + AnnaLynne McCordAnnaLynne McCord

Meeting Jasmin Jezlan MoyetJezlan Moyet

Meeting Jasmin + Jezlan Moyet + Jeff Rice + producerJeff Rice & Co.

Meeting Jasmin + Arnold Golstein + Homeira GoldsteinArnold & Homeira Goldstein

Meeting Jasmin + Andy DickAndy Dick being interviewed

Meeting Jasmin 5A real life Jasmin…

Meeting Jasmin 4 Meeting Jasmin 3 Meeting Jasmin 1