Now that's a party

NEW YORK: Midtown West

GOOGLE, the powerhouse search engine turned internet “everything” remembers New York iconic names – brands – places at their holiday party.  The very name of Google fascinates and terrorizes bloggers and social media gurus pretty much hand in hand.  Double edged blade so to speak.  Like the city we love and hate simultaneously in the same breath, it only makes sense that Google’s holiday party paid tribute to NYC’s past iconic names.

Before Google there was Studio 54 – many other names such as The Paramount, Gramercy Park Hotel, Morgans Hotel, Mondrian, Delano, The Hudson Hotel and other familar brands all were born from this iconic club.  Seems appropriate the dance floor reflected the past famed club.

Tickle me Warhol!  What iconic NYC holiday party is complete without a modern Warhol-ish bar decor?  This is an obvious iconic symbol.

Stop the press – only real New Yorkers would know about CBGB. The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads and numerous others debuted in the famous club.  Ok, in modern times some of us saw the Hilfigers (yes Tommy & bros.) perform in the former iconic location – thanks to JOHN VARVATOS.  That’s another rock n roll story.

Estimated cost of this holiday soirée?  A little bit over $1000 per person, on the company’s tab ofcourse.  How many people attended?  One would have to count precisely but let’s say well over 1000.  What better place to have it than obviously the Hilton.  Wait, the Hilton’s are originally from New Mexico and Texas?  Perhaps not the BEST venue choice.  But nevertheless, the best champagne choices were spreading more holiday cheer.  Hooray GOOGLE!!  (P.S. hook us up with higher search rankings)