The erotic artist takes on Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES: West Hollywood

Ellen Von Unwerth is one photographer / director that is used to being in the limelight.  Her visual stories have graced magazines and computer screens for decades.  Her book, Heimat, debuted prior to the Oscars last week.  Who was there?  Besides local and international art fans, socialite “type” and want-to-be celebrities or social media peeps – ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER popped in to West Hollywood.  His fellow German speaking friend could not have been more thrilled.  After all, he is the guy who matches all of Frank Sinatra’s songs right?  He did it his way and can be labeled the ultimate comeback kid (or grandpa now).

Ellen Von Unwerth (center)

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Ellen Von Unwerth

Los Angeles, with all the celebrities and entertainment people residing in this vast city, rarely so many informal appearances (they all want to get paid to show up).  What a pleasure for the art crowd to celebrate so casually with a living legend, the Governator, Terminator, Sperminator – oops, Determined-ator and last but not least, the Austrian Oak (during his body building days).  Mucho respect for this living legend.

Ellen’s work speaks for itself.  We won’t showcase her entire image collection for her book as that takes away from going in and visiting Taschen Gallery or looking up her images online.  Her work is sexy, erotic and still glitzy.  The Frankfurt born German is living proof that KRAUTS can produce more than just fine cars…