She's a knock out!

NEW YORK: Alphabet City

Swedish beauty Ewelina Golemo has been modeling since she was a toddler.  No wonder she looks so good in front of the camera.

“I was born and raised and Sweden, but my parents are Polish. I discovered the modelling world when I was 5 years old. I was on a fashion show in a shopping mall with my mother. All of the models on the runway seemed to have so much fun, walking and dancing to the music and showing their clothes. Obviously, I also wanted to join all the fun they had. After the show my mother asked the woman who was in charge if I could be a part of the show next time. One year later this woman calls us to ask if I would like to go on a model-class, to learn and see if I had the potential to become a model. I did the class and just one day later I got a call with the proposal of joining the show. That day was the start of my modelling journey.”

What category of model do you consider yourself? lingerie? high fashion? commercial?

“I’m definitely doing more commercial jobs, such as lingerie and tv-commercials, but I enjoy doing fashion jobs too.”

Countries travled to for work or have lived? Favorites?

“I have been traveling for work to Tokyo, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Berlin and of course various cities in Sweden. My favourite place to live in is definitely Milan. The city is not too big, but it has a lot of things going on. As for modelling the market for commercial jobs is good, even though I am always seeking to get more and better jobs, which I hope Milan will be able to offer me.”

PERSONAL fashion style, elegant? sport? comfort?

“During the day my style is more sporty and comfortable, but simple. Some neutral colors with a pair of sneakers and I’m off run between castings. If we go out during the evening I love to dress up, high heels is a standard and I often match it with a black dress or skinny leather pants!”

Diet and exercise routine?

“I love to be active and to feel that my body is getting physical movement, I need it every day to feel good. Usually I run three times a week, and the rest of the days I’m taking powerwalks. My diet is mainly based on vegetables and protein. I am not a fan of only eating in one special way, such as a vegan diet. I think it’s important to eat a bit of everything, and there is always different alternatives where we’re the ones to choose what we want to eat and which market we want to support. A normal day I’ll eat oatmeal for breakfast, a big salad with various cheeses and crackers for lunch, a snack of nuts/yoghurt/berries in the afternoon and for dinner I usually eat protein and vegetables. Oh and a glass of wine once in a while of course 😉 “

Favorite desserts?

“I have to say I’m more of a ‘salty’ person, I prefer taking a starter to complete my main dish instead of a dessert… But of course I have my favourite desserts, and it’s the italian ice-cream ’’gelato’’ and the fruit-tart with vanilla cream… yum!”

Favorite beverage either alcoholic or non alcoholic?

“Oh yes… wine!”

Aspects of modeling you enjoy the most?

“Modeling is an amazing job, but it’s also a lifestyle. It has made me grow as a person and it has taught me so much about the differences in this world, mainly cultural differences and how different people can think, not meaning that any of these ways are wrong – just different perspectives and values. But if I should stick to the working part of modelling I would say the fun thing is to start a new project, meet the new team, create something new. One of the best feeling is when you’re shooting and everyone in the team is loving the outcome. It makes you just keep going and woking even harder. Oh and then to see the actual result of the job, such as in tv or in the magazines… it makes you so happy and motivated to keep going!”

Aspects of modeling you dislike?

“Unfortunately the modelling world is filled with unprofessional people that want to take advantage of young models. I see many young girls being used by unprofessional agencies, where the agency pays them less than they should for jobs, keeping a bigger part for themselves. Luckily I really trust my agency and I know they’re professional. Another aspect I don’t like is that social media likes and followers are getting more and more important. Nowadays it’s not an uncommon for an influencer to get a job instead of a model. Often I consider it unfair since a professional model has been working hard on building a book, working out, keeping measurements, traveling alone etc… while some influencers just post retouched pictures of themselves and get jobs because of their followers…  As for other aspects for the modelling business I can’t say much since I haven’t been in a unpleasant situation with any photographer or client… But of course I’ve heard that there is a lot of sexual harassment in this business that I hope is going to disappear completely. We need to encourage each other and speak more about these topics…  #MeToo is a good start.”

Hours of sleep per night?

“Sleep is very important for me, I sleep like a baby! My rule is to sleep 8 hours per night, but if I sleep less once in a while (usually during jobs) I can manage it without problems, coffee helps me out! 🙂 “

Your idea of a GOOD model vs. a BAD model?

“It’s not about being a good or bad model, it’s about being professional in everything you do, no matter if you’re a model, lawyer, cleaner or doctor. Keeping the time, keeping your word, following the rules and most of all being respectful and kind. A ‘thank you’ or ‘please’ costs nothing to say, but is always appreciated.”

First BIG job that made you feel like a REAL model?

“A fashion show for G-star in Berlin. I remember there was hundreds of models at the casting in Milan, the line was never ending. Once I did the casting I had a good feeling, but since there were so many models at the casting I couldn’t have imagined they would pick me… Maybe because my confidence wasn’t at the top since I was 17 years old and it was my first model-trip in a new city. But one week later it was all set, I was going to Berlin to walk the runway for G-star!”