LOS ANGELES: Beverly Hills

It’s true, 98.2% (my fantasy figure, but seems accurate enough) of the most beautiful women in the world seem to come from Eastern Europe.  Daria Vlasova comes from the heart of Eastern Europe, Ukraine.  Scouts found this sophisticated beauty on social media.

“Originally I’m from Ukraine, and was discovered on Facebook.  A scout from an agency messaged me when I was 15, but I was too young and thought it wasn’t for me.  But at 17, a lot of different agencies started to message me, so I decided to try.”

What category of model are you? Lingerie, fashion, fitness?

“I cant say that I’m doing one more than the other.  So not just lingerie or high fashion, or commercial, I’m doing all of it.”

Countries traveled to for work and your favorite?

“For the past three years modeling I can say I’ve been everywhere.  I started in Tokyo and after Europe, Milan, Paris, London, Madrid, Hamburg and after the USA, mainly NYC and LA.  I used to live in Milan and London for long time. Now I can say that I reside in America, between NYC and LA.  For work I prefer it being in the US.”

Personal fashion style?

“I prefer elegant style for my life.”

Diet and exercise routine?

“I don’t keep active on any diet.  Just eat healthy 80% of the time.  Usually I have a big breakfast and lunch, then a small early dinner.  I don’t drink soft drinks, just water – trying to quit drinking coffee, but with my lifestyle it seems impossible.”

Favorite desserts?

“I have a big sweet tooth.  Love chocolate.  But my favorite dessert is tiramisu in Italy.  In Italy they have the best tiramisu in the world.  Also if you ever travel to Italy you must try gelato (Italian ice cream) I can guarantee you never have tried ice cream like this. My favorite gelato is pistachio.”

Things about modeling you like?

“Of course the most enjoyable thing is being able to travel all over the world.  I would never be able to see so many beautiful cites and countries.  Also I wouldn’t be able to meet so many great, interesting and creative people if not for my job in modeling.”

Modeling dislikes?

“Sometimes I get tired of traveling so much.  I love it, but sometimes I want to stay in one place longer than a month.  I really want some stability in my life.  Also I often miss my family, I can’t go to Ukraine that often, usually I visit Ukraine twice per year.”

Sleep habits?

“For me sleep is really important.  If I don’t sleep enough hours I feel bad, so usually I sleep seven hours minimum.”

First big job that made you feel like a REAL model?

“My first big job happened when I was in Europe for the first time.  I was in Paris and my agency called me and said tomorrow you are flying to Madrid for a Vogue Spain shoot.  I was really exited.”

Brands worked with – fashion and/or commercial?

“I worked for brands like Versace, Moschino, Paul Smith, ASOS, Pacsun, Brandy Melville, Target, United colors of Benetton, Maxmara, Miss Selfridges, Isabel Marant, Parfois, Uniqlo and more.”

Notable publications, magazines you have been in?

“I have worked for and been published in Vogue Spain, Elle Ukraine, Marie Claire Ukraine, Harpers Bazar Ukraine and others.”