And she's got style...


From Michigan to Florida this American beauty is thrilling the modeling world with her fresh and sexy looks.  Brandy Gordon has been modeling professionally for several years and shows no sign of slowing down.

“I was born in Michigan, but when I was five, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida, which is where I live now. I started modeling by sending in photos to an agency in Orlando, Florida, Modelscout. A girl at my highschool was a model there.”

What category of modeling do you consider yourself to be most in? Fashion, commercial, fitness, swimwear?

“I would say that I can do fashion, swimwear, lingerie, and commercial modeling.”

Where have you traveled for work?

“I have been to Miami, Germany, Mexico, London and Colombia. My favorite country was Germany to work. I love traveling and experiencing all the different cultures.¬† I have spent so much time in Miami, its like my second home.”

Who are your favorite designers at the moment and what does your closet look like?

I love Moschino and the creativity behind his line. I would say my closet is pretty random. I have clothes of all different styles.”

What is your personal style – comfort, elegance, sport?

“I would say that my personal fashion style is definitely for comfort. I don’t want to wear something that is uncomfortable all day.”

Diet and exercise routine?

“I am a pescatarian. I try to avoid carbs, dairy and processed sugars but I spoil myself from time to time. I love doing pilates on youtube with Blogilates.”

Favorite desserts?

“My favorite dessert is chocolate. Just plain ol’ chocolate.”

Favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage?

“My favorite beverage is milk, but since I try to avoid dairy, I have been trying to find alternatives. I really like pea milk and chocolate almond milk.”

Few things you enjoy most about modeling?

“I love traveling and meeting new people. My dream is to see the world. And I love seeing my work on posters, websites, and magazines.”

Aspects of modeling you dislike?

“I hate that it is very risky. You can work a bunch in one week and then not again for a month.”

Hours of sleep per night?

“I sleep about 9 hours a night. I love my sleep. I would go crazy without it.”

What is your idea of a GOOD model vs. a BAD model?

“I would say a good model would be someone who stays in shape and enjoys their job. A bad model would be someone who complains a lot on set, shows up late, etc.”

First BIG job that made you feel like a MODEL?

“I have not had my big break yet, but I still feel like a model.”

What brands either fashion or commercial have you worked with?

“I have worked with Asos, Bon Prix, Bonesta, Esprit, muche et muchette.”

Any plans for acting?

“I would like to get into acting, but no plans yet.”

Anything quirky about you?

“I love animals, my two favorite animals are cats and camels. Im going to school currently to become a pharmacist.”