LONDON: Mayfair

MJB Founder, Marc Jacques Burton

What a cool collection, MJB strikes again! For those of us who enjoy video games and gaming culture (we all have that kid inside of us), Marc Jacques Burton’s latest style answers the call of creative fashion with the MJB X Sonic launch. MJB, already WELL known (and liked, which is most important) throughout celebrity circles of Europe and the USA, infuses artistic techniques and hand-drawn graphics into all its collections. The fashion forward pioneer is continuously breaking through via “against all odds world happenings” such as Covid, to bring yet ANOTHER amazing who’s who endorsed collection to market. MJB brand is very much synonymous with the music world. The luxury brand recently made one of a kind stage (fashion) pieces for Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, ‘No Filter,’ 2021 USA tour. 

MJB Founder, Marc Jacques Burton

In the Sonic 30th anniversary collection, MJB has re-worked the Sonic imagery from the 1990s.  For those who played the video game, you should spot the golden Rings – Sonic’s unique health system. The collaborative logo for the collection combines a hand-drawn Ring from the Sonic video game, with the MJB bat logo in the centre of it. 

You have to love this cool London to Los Angeles LUXURY streetwear style.

Jnr Choi in MJB X Sonic
Ddesms in MJB X Sonic

To further celebrate the anniversary, MJB has come together with GAFFER magazine, which is known for bridging the gap between football, music, fashion, and culture. Together, they developed a limited-edition football shirt with a pixelated Sonic the Hedgehog, which is exclusive to Selfridges. The collection is fresh, it is new and bold. We have long appreciated the MJB style in New York and Los Angeles.

Jnr Choi in MJB X Sonic
Craig Mitch in MJB X Sonic
Marc Jacques Burton & Sebastian Manes of Selfridges

MJB X Sonic luxury fashion collection will be showcased first at a pop up in London’s Selfridges flagship store for three weeks from the 26th January 2022, then will continue being launched in other stores across the world. The collection will be held in Harrods, Flannels in the United Kingdom, Riccardi in Boston (United States of America), Leclaireur in France, Volpi in Italy and also exclusively online on StockX and Farfetch. It’s on fire and we suggest you grab some stock while you still can.

The collection will also be available online at: / / / 

The exclusive pieces of the collection will be available online at: / / / /