Hollywood wins again & this time in fashion

LOS ANGELES: Venice Beach

There’s a rift or perhaps a shift lately.  For New Yorkers who follow the entertainment and fashion scene they know all too well what’s happening.  Los Angeles is rapidly becoming ground zero, the epicenter for creativity, arts, culture, food, growth in every sector, etc.  Tommy Hilfiger, an American genius and living legend (not to mention New Yorker) and Los Angeles native and “it girl” Gigi Hadid threw a “Yuge” (Donald Trump Aka Brooklyn – Queens slang) fashion show and party.  Venice Beach hosted the event for the TOMMYXGIGI collection.

Tommy Hilfiger & Gigi Hadid

Just like the power big budgeted events in New York which flourished between 2004 till 2009, TOMMYXGIGI opened eyes and mouths for attendees.  But why Gigi Hadid and not some other pretty young Supermodel?  Well, let’s just let that elephant in the room.  She’s tied in HEAVILY TO HOLLYWOOD.  And fashionistas know that this younger generation is all about Hollywood.  The majority of teenagers to late twenty year olds could give a flying F&@k about the latest designers or even the art world.  Hey, let’s make America great again… or at least just Los Angeles – which seems to be happening on its own.