Russian beauty continues to impress


From Moscow, Russia come another gorgeous model making her way through the fashion and beauty world.  Valeria Bulusheva did her first photo shoot with her classmate and fell in love with the modeling industry.  Her look transforms as she is able to shoot for fashion, fitness, swimwear, lingerie, beauty, etc.

Favorite designers at the moment?

“Gucci, Vetements, YSL, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Zara and some Georgian designers.”

“My personal style is sport and chic.  I love to combine styles to make experimental looks.  I love cool jackets and sneakers combinations.”

Diet and exercise routine day to day?

“I don’t have a diet.  I eat what I want.  I love Chinese food and fast food – burgers, pizza and Coca Cola.  I am lucky because I used to be a child athlete.  So working out or fitness is a part of my life.”

Favorite desserts?

“I don’t like sweets.  I only use sugar for coffee as I drink latte all the time.”

Favorite beverages?

“I am in love with dry white wine and as I mentioned before, I drink a lot of cafe latte’s.”

Aspects of modeling you enjoy?

“I am in love with photo shoots, the production involved.  The art, idea, character I play.  Of course, it is a pleasure when you get paid to do what you love.  The connection with the photographer is important and the creative locations can be very inspiring.”

Aspects of modeling you don’t enjoy?

“When people are not professional, it’s a big problem.  Some people think we are prostitutes.  This makes me upset that modeling and prostitution is falsely paralleled.”

Sleep habits?

“Sleep is very important for my day to day modeling.  I usually try to get about 7 to 9 hours of solid rest per night.”

Any big jobs?

“I am still waiting for my big dream job which is to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel.”

Any plans for acting?

“No acting, but I desire more international contracts, to be popular around the world.”