Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.


RED HOT ROSTER April 2015, Sofia VergaraThis beauty is not only one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood but also engaged to one of the most sought after men (by women) in Hollywood.  She is sweet, down to earth and has that sexy je ne sais quoi Latin flair that drives guys loco.  Even when she worked behind the scenes early in her career she had the heir of a leading lady.  Family and work is the ambition of this bombshell stunner.  Transitioning from being on camera to the production side has been going very well.  We only hope she continues to rock.


JON FAVREAU / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER April 2015, Jon FavreauSpeaking of bankroll, this comedian, actor, writer, director and now, executive producer (Avengers & Iron Man 3) seems to have Hollywood by the collar.  As sincere as he is successful, he is the proof in the pudding that talent with hard work, can move mountains in the entertainment world.  He’s got swag and is genuinely similar in personality to many of his on screen characters.  Why is he happy?  Because he isn’t sniffing around for the next deal.  The success is coming to him.  Great position to be in by the way.



RED HOT ROSTER April 2015, Elizabeth OlsenWe know the Olsen name and yes those twins have a talented younger sister moving into her own groove these days.  She is already a known actress in Hollywood but now those outside of America will make her a household name.  Easy going and only uptight when directed by her publicist or strategic managers.  If you were to look for a definition of a party, she would be on the polar opposite end.  Conservative and determined to live up to the Olsen name, she is on her way (so it seems).  She’s one to watch.


STAN LEE / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER April 2015, Stan LeeDoes he need an introduction?  As if Marvel wasn’t enough, now his superhero movies are taking over the world.  He is one of kind and at age 92, moving around Hollywood (taking a nap here and there) and enjoying the continual fruits of his success.  He is proof that creativity has no timeline.  More modern than old fashioned, he doesn’t miss a beat.  We hope he continues to be healthy and wealthy a bit longer because the world needs originality instead of “re-makes” that we see all too much of these days.  He is definitely one of a kind.


ALENA GERBER / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER April 2015, Alena GerberThe Germans have slowly invaded LA for the past decade and now one of their top TV personalities has come to the city of angels.  It’s obvious to say that she is easy on the eyes, but don’t let her beauty fool you.  She has got more brains than most people combined and a strong Bavarian work ethic.  Like most things German, she is precise, practical, doesn’t like BS and except for her spending habits, very efficient!  Does LA need another blonde?  It appears so as men flock to her beauty.



RED HOT ROSTER April 2015, Kenneth CappelloAnother question, does LA need another photographer?  90% percent of the time the answer would be NO.  But he does represent that 10%.  He shoots celebrities, he shoots sports, he shoots hot models and most importantly, he shot The Kills around the world for nearly a decade.  He’s another one of kind guy that is worth meeting and in the least, looking up and appreciating his work.  He seems more like a “tech” guy than artist but that’s just the way it is in California we suppose.  He keeps a low profile but is one cool kid.



RED HOT ROSTER April 2015, Marilia MorenoWe have bumped into her more than once and appreciate that fact she likes to keep her champagne glass full.  Outgoing, HOT, friendly, HOT, multilingual, HOT and yes, very sexy.  She is your typical attractive model, TV host, business girl and overall dream girl for most male celebrities she interviews on the red carpet.  Just another day in LA right?  Truth be told, she is proof that women can be far more successful than men and still remain ultra feminine (please don’t move to New York).


STEVE AOKI / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER April 2015, Steve AokiIt’s not easy living on an airplane.  One of the world’s leading DJ’s, his music style is in demand around the globe.  It’s no wonder why he jumps for joy in all his Instagram posts.  That, an an estimated net worth of over $50 million.  He is the son of the founder of Benihana (Japanese-American food chain) but made it on his own.  His music has infiltrated Hollywood movies and shapes the listening habits of the next generation.  He’s the type of guy the NSA and CIA would target because his Steve Aoki celebrity brand has POWER over the masses.  He should run for president.