LONDON: Belgravia

A fantastic beauty from Pitesti, Romania – now residing in New York.  Iulia Cirstea started modeling at an early age.  Since then, the world has been her oyster.  She jetted out of Romania at the age of 16 to become a top model and grace the covers of such magazines as Elle and Marie Claire.

“When I was 16 I was sent to Milan by my mother agent.  Guess I caught her eye at a casting she did in Pitesti.  She offered me a contract and my parents and I agreed on it.  It turned out to be the beginning of a beautiful journey.”

Iulia Cirstea, sexy lingerie Iulia Cirstea, sexy shirt Iulia Cirstea, sexy socksTraveled for modeling:

“I started with Europe… went to all the big fashion cities – Milan, London, Paris but also others like Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Munich, Lisbon etc…  I have been to Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, The Maldives, USA…etc.”

Iulia Cirstea, photo jewelry Iulia Cirstea, photo fruitFirst big job landed that made you feel like a real model?

“Right in the beginning I was booked for an Armani add.”

Iulia Cirstea, winter 2 Iulia Cirstea, model winter Iulia Cirstea, sexyFavorite designers?

“My closet right now is full of Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang :). I also like Haider Ackermann, Nicholas K. & Celine.  I find it really hard to pick one as I love most of them but never at the same time :).  I might like Chanel one season and not care so much about it the next.  I guess it all depends on the mood and where I am in that moment.”

Iulia Cirstea, profile Iulia Cirstea, New YorkWhich top magazines have you been published in?

“As I have been working for a long time I have worked with most of them, but to name a few: L’official, The Last Magazine, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, Schon, etc.”

Iulia Cirstea, elle cover Iulia Cirstea, marie claire magazine Iulia Cirstea, elle magazine cover Iulia Cirstea, Elle Magazine Iulia Cirstea, bazaar magazineIulia Cirstea, marie claireDiet and exercise routine?

“I am a gourmand.  I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke but desserts are definitely my weakness!  i try to eat as healthy as I can but I never refuse myself a treat.  As for working out…  I always seem to find something better to do :).  But when I do it is mostly yoga!”

Iulia Cirstea, black white fashion Iulia Cirstea, black white sexy Iulia Cirstea, black white hatIulia Cirstea, black white fashion 2Iulia Cirstea, black whiteAway from the diet, what are your favorite foods that you can indulge in?

“I can have sushi probably every day 🙂 – so i guess that is my favorite along with cakes 🙂 any type of cake I’m in!”

Iulia Cirstea, face 2 Iulia Cirstea, face 3 Iulia Cirstea, face Iulia Cirstea, face puppyYour perception of the “modeling industry” now that you are an aficionado?

“My perception has changed a lot since I started…  In the beginning I was very attached to it and I saw everyone as my friend.  I have learned that it is an industry and you should treat it like one.  You need to take care of yourself!  I have started a blog on my website where I talk about it! It’s an introduction to modeling for everyone out there wanting to know more about it from a model’s perspective.”

Iulia Cirstea, fashion sexy Iulia Cirstea, black white, rock roll Iulia Cirstea, black white portraitWhat’s the quirkiest thing about you?

“I like to make dolls :).  I love interior design… styling… anything connected to art!  I am an artist at heart with wooden hands…”

Iulia Cirstea, fashion glasses brush Iulia Cirstea, fashion hair Iulia Cirstea, fashion model 1 Iulia Cirstea, fashion model 2 How can more people find or follow your career?

“You can always find me on my website or on my instagram @iulia_cirstea”

Iulia Cirstea, flower girl Iulia Cirstea, fashion shirt

Any ideas for acting in the future?

“I actually have done a few movies and I am happy to say that I have been nominated for a best actress award at the MIFF.  Couldn’t believe my ears when I got the call.”

Iulia Cirstea, black white test 3 Iulia Cirstea, black white test Iulia Cirstea, black white test 2