Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.


RED-HOT-ROSTER-July-2014-Cheyenne-TozziShe is too hot and we would put her on our list every month if we could.  The Australian from Sydney knows New York as her home.  She brings style, sex appeal and sultry back to the big dirty apple (which is in need of some beauty).  Supermodel, television actress, lead singer for her own band and global socialite, the world is hers to do with as she wants.  Guys dream about her and women have envy in their eyes when looking.  She is “top of the food chain” and genetics have never looked so good.  Wait till you hear her sing!


ROBIN THICKE / Los Angeles

RED-HOT-ROSTER-July-2014-Robin-ThickeHis shoulders are as wide as a football player, he looks like a model and his dad is Hollywood royalty.  But that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the world’s biggest pop stars.  Singer, song-writer, musician, actor and record producer he has a lot of talent. Enjoying the fruits of his labor, the entertainer is a heart-throb for most women around the world.  He is most known for “twerking” this jet set ladies man and man hero doesn’t snob his fans (must be the Canadian blood from papa – Alan Thicke RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014).  A gentleman and all around happy guy.



RED-HOT-ROSTER-July-2014-Jacqueline-BissetWinifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset keeps a place in England, but Beverly Hills is home.  This female legend of the silver screen has starred in more films than one actor could ever hope for.  Her career is closely monitored still today by tabloids, critics and fans alike.  Regardless of age, her beauty shines though and she is one of those kind individuals the negative press likes to pick on (shame).  Class, sophistication and good English constitution, no wonder she is also Godmother to Angelina Jolie.  She is a top lady for sure!


BRUCE WILLIS / Los Angeles

RED-HOT-ROSTER-July-2014-Bruce-WillisWalter Bruce Willis, born in Idar-Oberstein, West Germany and raised just outside of New York City.  The man could be straight out of Brooklyn with his familiar New York accent!  What a great actor.  Beyond acting he is also a producer, singer, father and plays the harmonica – quite well.  He is cool and has a colorful career in entertainment which has made him the charismatic person he is today.  Even amongst his Hollywood peers he remains at the center like gravity.  His films have generated nearly $3 Billion in revenue!  Period.


LISA KUDROW / Los Angeles

RED-HOT-ROSTER-July-2014-Lisa-KudrowLisa Valerie Kudrow, a Los Angeles native and top actor.  The word “friends” comes to mind when hearing her name or seeing her photo.  Her long time role on one of television’s most successful shows made her a superstar in Hollywood.  She is laid back or relaxed with a positive outlook on life.  Not too far from her TV character.  She is also a comedienne, voice actor, producer and writer – adding to the list of her talents.  Unlike many actresses, she didn’t let the fame go to her head and keeps true to her own grounded values.  Boss chick – Executive Producer is her most recent title.


JON VOIGHT / Los Angeles

RED-HOT-ROSTER-July-2014-Jon-VoightJonathon Vincen Voight (Voytka) is a Hollywood legend still making waves.  The father of Angelina Jolie, James Haven and stepfather of Brad Pitt, he is still out and about during LA’s busy awards seasons and for his movie premieres (he gets some of the coolest roles to this day).  Golden Globe Winner, Academy Award Winnter (Oscar), BAFTA Winner, his career spans over 50 years.  It’s safe to say he has made his mark in the film industry.  The ladies, of all ages, still flock to the older gent in hopes for a photo (or date).



RED-HOT-ROSTER-July-2014-Jasmine-WaltzOf course she is hot, that’s why we put her on the roster.  Las Vegas born and living, acting, modeling in LA is how she does it.  No stranger to television and celebrity friends, she has carved out her own niche in the West Coast.  Did we mention she is HOT?  We don’t care who she has dated or what tabloid says this, that or the other thing.  Full of energy, she is a free spirit and has more sex appeal than 90% of her female acting peers today. “If looks could kill” then she would be a nuclear weapon.  Ladies, don’t hate, it’s just a genetic thing…


PAULY SHORE / Los Angeles

RED-HOT-ROSTER-July-2014-Pauly-ShoreTotally Pauly!  Paul Montgomery Shore is an actor, comedian, director, writer, producer but could also pass as a “Drug Lord look alike” in Latin America (or a Brazilian soccer player).  One of the funniest people alive on the planet.  An easy talker and warm welcoming gent, even if he is not the official host of the venue.  Ladies flock to him and men are always laughing alongside him.  No wonder why he is on Hollywood’s invitee list constantly.  No one’s fool, he’s a hard worker in Hollywood and keeps busy.