She's looking for talent

LOS ANGELES: Beverly Hills

We read about them all the time in newspapers, magazines and online. Arrests are made, people exposed and they often go to jail but not before making a book or movie deal to sweeten their time behind bars. The madam’s, those female pimps that take advantage of their own gender by pushing experienced and naive women onto countless men who offer financial compensation for sexual satisfaction. After all, humans are animals and all dogs must eat and all lions must feed. The madam is a cunning creature who inserts herself into this equation of hunger and necessary nourishment. The prey or food is generally a youngish woman, 19 to 30 years of age. The hunter or buyer is the older man, call it a 50+ in age (just to give an idea of where it begins). She, the madam, looks for a variety of things to begin her business successfully. Here are some ways to set up shop if you were to consider entering the “Hollywood sex trade” business.

Tens of thousands of young models and actresses come to Los Angeles in hopes of being famous


  • A madam needs some sort of smoke screen or legitimate business that helps her to be respectable in the community. Although everyone will be whispering about her “real business” it is important to have something that looks clean (unlike some of the girls she may be working with) in the eyes of society and most important, the law. Good covers would be to set set up as a talent manager or dating service expert. Both of these allow a madam to interact with attractive females constantly on a daily basis. Most people out of the loop won’t think twice about the numerous attractive women coming in and out meetings with a madam aka “model manager” or “dating matchmaker”. After all, it’s a real business because Google and a bunch of horny 60 year old men say so. So it has to be legit.


  • A madam needs “inventory” or product (pussy) to push, promote or “sell” for lack of a proper word (for an illegal business), so targeting women 25 to 35 who have a lot of “not much” going on and don’t mind doing “nothing” is a good target market. Of course, they must have looks somewhere between a lingerie model and a playmate. They must be able to converse about light hearted subjects, be able to carry on a conversation with older gentlemen about topics without an opinion and act blasé to some men while uber impressed by others (depending on the ego of the buyer). Physically, any height will do, but the body must be in shape.

Hollywood_madam_red_light_districtWHO TO TARGET

  • Foreign girls are always easier and more “desperate” due to language skills, impeding work visas and their desire to “make it” having escaped their chicken infested living rooms and village idiot boyfriends. They dream about America and once they arrive, well, let’s just say they will do almost anything to stay in the USA by any means possible. A madam knows this because they are devious. Being females themselves, they know which pressure points to push and which candy to lay out in front of their targets. A madam has a magic tongue or manipulating ability about her. She can sweet talk girls into basically thanking her for pointing out their worst faults and thanking her again for manipulating them into fucking 60 year old men for some sort of payment. It’s a real talent.


  • A madam needs buyers. After all, what’s the point of pushing pussy around the city if there isn’t someone to buy, sponsor or compensate in some sort of meaningful cash or cash equivalent means (rent, cars, jewelry, purses, etc?) A group of “well to do” men ranging from 50 to 65, perhaps divorced, single, in open marriages or just don’t give a shit and want to get with as many women as possible before the viagra stops working – usually describes buyers. The uglier or older they are the more they will have to entice the madam, and by default, compensate the product or girls. Having a dating service or talent management business set up should aid in funneling funds through nicely (until the IRS comes knocking). Buyers also don’t want to “feel sleazy”. They want to feel good. They want to feel as if they are really helping out this young aspiring model, actress or other designee. They also want to cover their own ass just in case someone’s wife finds out and people start getting arrested. It’s good to have paperwork for services (legit) rendered and it just feels cleaner doesn’t it?


  • A madam doesn’t always want to be so blunt about sex for compensation exchanges. She knows how to create little scenarios or situations. It’s much classier to talk about or invent a real opportunity both for the product and the buyer. “I want you to meet Robert, he has a new film coming out and you would be perfect for the lead female role. Let’s set up a meeting at Chez Luxe de Billionaire Cafe.” It all goes back to covering the tracks for everyone involved. It also gives the sexual exchange transaction a cleaner appearance. So when friends ask what all parties have been up to, they have a nice and clean answer. Pending the buyer, an entire production such as a photo shoot can be created. This usually happens in some place like Dubai or an exotic island far away where they serve little drinks in hollowed out fruits and wear flowers in their hair everyday. The madam does this only for her super-ultra-riche buyers.


  • A madam knows that she can’t have certain meetings in public. The “fresh off the boat girls” are reserved for behind closed doors (office, homes or some private location). In public, she needs to be seen with powerful people, influential people and individuals who may or may not be a “buyer” of her products. She is throwing off those watchful eyes and people who can’t quite figure out “what she does” for a living, even with the smoke screen. She must be seen with big players, her big buyers if need be, because they are usually pretty important in the community and their sexual habits are always private. She goes to power places with power people not lifting a finger for the bill. Social respect and camaraderie from power players furthers the illusion for everyone. This may go to the point where even those questioning if she is in fact a madam might begin to second guess themselves.

Hollywood-madam-powerNO PARTNERS

  • A madam knows that the old saying of “two heads are better than one” does not apply to this type of day to day reality. Beyond cutting into her profits, a madam realizes that any sort of partnership, although might encourage more business and even strengthen the illusion, is a ticking time bomb. Businesses, legal or illegal, are made up of people and people get emotional. An emotionally charged partner could be the end of a madam’s career. She needs to keep her transactions secret and maintain liability with one person, which is herself. Buyers also become nervous when more than one individual knows too much. It’s an unwanted, but acceptable, exposure for a buyer to have with the madam and her product. But to have an additional exposure, it’s too much dirt in the air.


  • A madam isn’t pushing pussy around because it’s fun, glamorous or she studied it. She is doing it because she is good at it and it pays the bills. She does her pimping to make what everyone else makes when they work, money. She must be extra careful with her smoke screen, as any sort of tax questions could lead not only into an IRS investigation (audits cause red flags), but a full on criminal investigation as to her real day job. Her best solution is to collect her portion of cash from buyers behind closed doors without her product even knowing. Then she can arrange buyers to execute payment plans either through a mocked up or fake consulting fee or through some sort of billing created by her fabricated work scenario. She usually lays down terms to a buyer prior to an exchange that compensation for her is cash while for her product it can be a combo of many different things. Match-making is a good cover for this as fees can be generated MONTHLY!! cha-ching!!!

Hollywood-madam-moneyMIX UP THE PRODUCT

  • A madam often engages in pro bono work for her smoke screen operation, i.e. girls that have “no clue” as to what the hell she is really doing (secondary girls). If fortunate enough, the fake job or cover company can bring in revenue – best case scenario. However, the real meat (no pun intended) is gathered by pushing around those products. But mixing up girls, throwing a few legit non-hookers into the equation (secondary girls), aids in confusing outsiders. She has her core crew who all know the game, pay to play. Her secondary girls or smoke screen girls, are only meeting with her either during office hours (10am to 7pm – West Coast) or at public events. A good madam never ever mixes up the two socially in a private or secluded environment. The secondary girls or smoke screen team, is generally much smaller. So out of a total of 10 girls, her legit girls may only total two as an example, which is a 1:5 ratio.


  • Finally, the madam will get close to anyone powerful or in a different socio-economic sector (preferably higher) other than mingling with the buyers crew. This means philanthropists, well known families, police chiefs, city council members, various wives of leading businessmen, celebrities and anyone else who sees her image solely as legitimate. Developing this type of network helps to camouflage the madam’s operations and ward off others from attempting to debunk her. She keeps close to the line in order to assess the potential dangers, then adapts to defend her operations accordingly. Remember, the madame must stay at least one step ahead of danger or everything comes to an end and she goes to jail. If that happens, well, let’s just say it’s good to know friends in high places. Unfortunately, the public (courts, media, police) love to make examples out of these types of situations rather than a criminal who jacked a car while on cocaine. But perhaps if she knows enough high society people (or has dirt on them) she can minimize her punishment.

Hollywood-madam-societyIn a nutshell, to set oneself up as a madame in Hollywood requires more variables to consider. This snapshot of what a madam needs to consider is close enough to “the real deal.” Perhaps being a madame will eventually become obsolete as we have seen society eliminate the middle man, in this case a middle woman. More and more intermediaries are passed over for do-it-yourself people fueled by technologies such as social media or online applications. I guess a madam could invent an application with her extensive knowledge. Not sure but “Hooker2Go” has a nice ring to it. I wonder if Google or Facebook would be interested?