One of the most stunning models out of London, Roxy Horner, has been spending time in the City of Angels recently.  It holds true that the most beautiful of hot, sexy, sophisticated and in shape women spend ample amounts of time in Los Angeles versus any other city in the USA.  Why?  It is a mecca for models, entertainment professionals, actresses and fun in the sun seekers who like to enjoy 75 degree winters and workout everyday.  I guess this is good enough for reasons.  We caught up with Roxy Horner recently in Malibu and she is a delight.  We see why everyone who meets her enjoys her company.
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-swim Roxy-Horner-London-Girl Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-top-modelHow did you begin modeling and where have you traveled?
“I’m with Premier London, I started modelling when I was scouted at the age of 13.  I have travelled for work to Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris and of course London.  London will always be my favorite city.  But I also love Sydney and New York a lot!”
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-model Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-red-hotRoxy-Horner-London-Girl-top-womanWhen traveling, do you stay in the typical “model apartment”?
“Agencies like you to stay in the model apartment when you visit different countries.  but I always prefer to find my own place so that I get to have my own space after a long day of casting or shooting.”
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-Steve-Shaw Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-UK Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-Steve-Shaw-photoMagazines you have been published in and fashion brands worked with:
“I’ve been in many magazines, off the top of my head Look magazine and S magazine are always fun ones to work with in the UK, and I actually just recently shot a campaign for SHOW BEAUTY by Tamara Ecclestone and my image got put in Vogue and various other magazines.  Just recently I was the face of House of Fraser it was my second Campaign with them.”
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-face_8 Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-New-York Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-fashion-photoDiet and exercise:
“As a rule I generally just avoid sugary, processed foods and deserts, but overall I don’t worry about what I eat too much as I naturally like healthy foods anyway I pretty much eat raw foods like carrots, salads and I love sushi!  I mix it up a lot, sometimes I do yoga sometimes Pilates other times I go to the gym and just use the cross trainer for half an hour or so and then do some floor work.”

Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-top-fashion Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-sexy Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-face

Favorite beverages:
“I stick to water mainly, I find fizzy drinks gross- even if I’m drinking alcohol I normally have vodka mixed with still water and a bit of fresh lime.  Although I don’t drink often at all. Oh and a fresh smoothie is always good too.”
Refreshing to know she is a non-smoker.
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl--magazine Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-photo Roxy-Horner-London-Girl--editorial Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-photoRest/sleep:
“I LOVE an early night but when work is busy and trying to fit in a social life at the same time, sometimes it’s hard to get the hours needed. I find a good 7-8 hours makes me feel fresh faced.”
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-hotFavorite designer:
“I don’t stick to one designer.  I try new up and coming designers all the time.”
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-faceFavorite things/least favorite things about modeling:
“Travelling, meeting new exciting people everyday, trying new fashions and trying things I wouldn’t pick out myself. / The uncertainty of work.  Sometimes you end up working flat out everyday including weekends but then other times you don’t work for a whole month.”
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-casualActing or films in the future?
“I’m 100% open to that for sure!”
Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-fashionSomething special or quirky:
“I love to write songs with my dad in my free time, my dad is an amazing music producer.”

Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-supermodel Roxy-Horner-London-Girl-british