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RHS caught up with the stunning Natasha Galkina recently in Los Angeles.  Natasha has been busy waging her own “War of Goodness” on society.  We wanted to what she has been up to besides avoiding paparazzi.
“Recently I became vegan.  I believe it is just healthier for me.  I am also collaborating with PETA on spreading the NO FUR campaign within Russia and the ex USSR republics.  Fur belongs to animals, I encourage all girls to understand it’s better to wear faux leather or faux fur and live a cruelty free life -rather than be a part of suffering.”
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“I am collaborating with The Rogue And The Wolf jewelry brand on creating my own pieces with them.  Working hard on my modeling and acting career.  Recently shot and now finishing ‘Intimate Strangers.’  So much fun to be a part of something inspiring and cool as art.”
“I have also started working with an artist in Los Angeles on a few paintings and with artist in New York to be a face for his new series.”
Diet & exercise:
“I am Still working out hard everyday, hiking with ankle weights is a must.  I am also doing 1.5 – 2hrs session of kickboxing with trainers, boot camps and organic raw veggie nut diet plus tons of water.  I also take important vitamin shakes which help me to keep up my energy and vitality.”
personal lifestyle:
“I am traveling a Lot and working so much.  Being a mom is always a challenge because I need to be as present in my child’s life as any other parent while combining my crazy schedule.  But I wouldn’t change it a bit!”
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“Also I’m in love and it affects my mood and my daily life very positively!”

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