Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.

JAMES FRANCO / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014 James FrancoCalifornia dreaming in LA.  The actor, screenwriter, producer, director, teacher, author and poet (hope we didn’t miss any of his credentials) has had prominent roles and achieved great success in Hollywood on and off the screen.  Often surrounded by family, the entertainment guru is down to earth, friendly and appreciates his fans as well.  Funny guy on and off film with many good years ahead of him in Hollywood we suspect.  The main question is, does he have a medical marijuana card?  Still a mystery.



RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014 Deborah Ann Debbie HarryThe woman has been around the scene longer than most and still in full force.  This mega pop star was the lead singer for the pop band “Blondie”.  She is a living icon – legend who has attracted at least two generations of listeners.  Her music has inspired newer artists and she continues to brand herself amongst an over crowded techno to hip hop music industry.  Let’s put it this way.  Before there was Lady Gaga, there was Madonna.  Before Madonna, there was and still is, Debbie Harry.  



RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014 George WayneWho doesn’t know George Wayne?  This social butterfly schmoozer and boozer is one of Gotham’s finest characters.  An editorial debutante amongst the glamorati, he makes dinner plans “8” nights per week (we are not sure if he knows how to cook).  Witty, good character and semi-direct, he has a lot pizazz.  If you have been to one of his parties then you are on his hot list for sure.  We enjoy listening to his exploits and so does his fanfare.  Could it be he is the only guy in New York that can walk around in shorts to any venue and not be denied entry?


BELLA THORNE / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014 Bella ThorneSure, she is only a teenager.  But truth be told, many of us don’t remember girls looking like her when we were teens.  With killer looks and a nice smile (to compliment her killer looks), she is Hollywood’s rising starlet.  She defines the term “Young Hollywood” which so many of those Hip Hop artists turned into “young money” for their lyrics.  The changing of the guard always happens and we are sure she will be right up top when that shift occurs.  Until then, fans will admire her latest films and enjoy her beauty.


ALAN THICKE / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014 Alan ThickeDoes he look familiar?  That’s because he is Robin Thicke’s father.  The humble, nice and friendly Canadian actor from, well…a while back, deserves a medal for dealing with the “twerk” that became almost synonymous with his son’s name.  The television and film actor achieved great popularity in the late 80’s when TV acting still required skill rather than a “wow” factor.  An actor, writer, composer and producer, his credits are not only diverse, but numerous.  How did he manage to raise a pop star musician with all those achievements?


LERA LOEB / New York

RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014 Lera LoebThe downtown “it” girl doesn’t believe in twerking (although she has the booty to do it right).  Born in the USSR, she gives America just one more reason to thank Gorbi for tearing down the wall.  We like her style and crazy fun attitude.  The fashion, photo and magazine babe works with the creme de la creme of fashionista, socialista and journalista community.  If she were in Hollywood, she would be dangerous.  Invited everywhere, she has the option to RSVP or just show up.  Either way works if her calendar is open.


ADAM SANDLER / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014 Adam SandlerThe man needs little introduction.  Jesus was a Jew and so is Adam Sandler.  This Brooklyn born and bred comedian, actor, musician, film producer and screen writer should have been a Rabbi.  He is one of those great comic story tellers from what seems like another generation, perhaps one of the last of his kind.  Just as funny off screen as on screen, he doesn’t miss a beat.  The creator of the Hanukkah song, he will be immortalized in entertainment history.  He loves Hooters?



RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2014 Valentina ZelyaevaThe word “Vogue” comes to mind when seeing this blonde beauty.  Supermodel?  Top model?  Bottom line is, she is HOT.  Blondes have more fun so we assume she does too.  We really don’t care if she is nice, cruel, generous or smart.  She is a real “I got the look” type of girl so the world is her oyster.  No coincidence that she is Russian (that whole thanks to Gorbi thing) as the hottest babes on the planet seem to coming from that region these days.  Sometimes the fashion world can be as good as Hollywood.  This is that time.