She is all that and more...

LONDON: Lisson Grove

There is more in Miami than humidity and hurricanes it seems.  Paulina Lea Rose, German born from Munich (okay she’s not technically from Miami) shares her model story and lifestyle with us.  Discovered at the young age of just 14, her family thought it wise to postpone her modeling until her preliminary academic education was fulfilled.

“I’m originally from Munich, Germany. I was discovered by a couple scouts in Miami Beach, Florida which is where I grew up. I was 14 and super interested But I never actually ended up starting until I was 18 as my parents wanted me to finish school first.”

What “category” of model are you considered to be?  Fashion, lingerie, swimwear, commercial?

“I’m mainly a fashion model. I started off as just a runway girl when I was 18. I did a lot of shows in London, Paris and Milan fashion week. But, recently I’ve been doing quite a lot of swim and lingerie campaigns too! I still mainly do runway and fashion work though, as I much prefer that side of the industry.”

Where have you traveled for work and which are your favorite?

“Oh woah, I’ve worked all over Europe, Australia and the US. But I’ve also been able to travel to many islands to shoot which is dope! But, my parents took me traveling all over the globe when I was young. Fun fact: I saw all the 7 world wonders by the time I was 14 years old. Now I get to travel all over again, solo!”

Who are your favorite designers at the moment and what does your closet look like these days?

“My favourite designers are YSL (especially this season), Off White and Alberta Feretti just to name a few. But my closet consist of a lot of Balenciaga, Thomas Wylde, Isabel Marant, YSL and a lot of vintage. I loooove to thrift shop and make my own clothes. I cut and alter almost everything that I buy haha!”

What is your personal fashion style, comfort, elegance, sport?

“I would say it’s an absolute mix of edgy and elegance. I’ve never been one to wear dresses or skirts. The only kind I’ll wear are ones with some sort of studs, or cool 80’s inspired pieces. It’s hard to explain I suppose.. but always edgy!! I don’t usually tend to search for comfort when dressing either haha!”

Favorite desserts?

“I have a major sweet tooth. CHOCOLATE IS MY WEAKNESS.”

Favorite beverage, alcohol or non-alcohol?

“I actually don’t drink alcohol, in fact I hate it!! My favourite drink is a lemon mocktail ⚡️⚡️⚡️”

Aspects of modeling you like?

“I love more than anything working with great photographers. Lately I’ve worked with some incredible people that I never thought I’d have the pleasure of working with. Sometimes the people can be unkind but mostly I’ve experienced the complete opposite (thankfully) – payment is good. Shoutout to my manager for making sure of that aha!”

Aspects of modeling you dislike?

“There are of course those sleazy individuals that just want to get you naked; but I have no issue at all shooting nude, in fact I shot my first nude magazine spread in Sydney this season. I felt very comfortable and maybe a little nervous – You can tell when it’s professional and tasteful yet when it’s just plain sleazy and inappropriate. You just have to keep an eye out and be smart about it. My advice would be to be very careful who you work with and who you are represented by in order to avoid these uncomfortable situations.”

First BIG job that made you feel like a model?

“Oooh, when I was 18 I walked in my first London Fashion Week and Cara Delevingne opened the show. That was definitely the first! But now I would also add on, Vogue Germany, American Playboy and signing with my current manager Robert Voltaire!”

Fashion brands you have worked with?

“I guess I’ll name my favourite fashion brand clients that I’ve worked for.. it’s been Versace, YSL, Donna Karen, Zara and Uli Herzner!”

Which notable publications have you been in?

“German Vogue, Spanish Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and American Playboy.”

Any plans for acting in the future?

I’m definitely interested. If a great opportunity arose I would definitely take it into consideration.”

Anything quirky about you?

“I’ve become quit an adrenaline junky thanks to my boyfriend. All I wanna do is ride motorbikes with him!! Other than that I love to do clay pottery, genuinely. It calms my wild energy!”