Sultry is back in style

LONDON: Notting Hill

Starting in her teenage years, Ukrainian model Margo Gordienko has been in the business for the past six years.  Her career started similar to as with all young beautiful girls – approached by a scout who eventually brought her in to the modeling market.  She has graced the pages of various magazines and billboards globally.  She is one of the more VERSATILE models out there without a single “look” to refer upon her.  A true canvas for makeup artists, photographers and stylists to create their art on.

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Where are you from and what type of model would you categorize yourself as?

“I’m from Donetsk, Ukraine.  I guess I’m pretty much a fashion model but also do commercial.  Once in a while I do other categories.”

Where have you traveled to for work and which are your favorites?

“Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou), Thailand, Turkey, Korea – all countries just for modeling.  The best place in Asia for me is Bangkok and in Europe I really like Italy.”

Favorite designers and your personal fashion style?

“I like Patinya, name of a brand.  It’s so cool! Love the style of clothing they design.  I can say I have a special style as I wear different clothing looks always.  I like classic, current trendy fashion, sport looks but for most of the time I wear clothes with 80’s -90’s style to them.”

Diet and exercise routine?

“About my diet… Hmmm, I’m not really keeping any diet routine.  Sometimes I detox and just try to eat well.  Oh, a few months ago I stopped eating meat.  I try to exercise sometimes.”

Favorite desserts?

“I love cheesecake, I can eat a loooooot of cheesecake.”

Favorite beverage, alcohol or without alcohol?

“The best alcohol type drink for me is definitely red wine.  But lately as I’m trying eat well, I am now usually drinking tea or maybe a coffee.”

Best things about modeling?

“The best thing for me with respect to modeling is traveling.  I mean, you are working and enjoying at the same time.  The locations I shoot in are amazing and I think if not for modeling I would never be able to go there.  Also I like the process and art of a photo shoot.”

Worst things about modeling?

“Sometimes a client needs to shoot a summer collection in winter time and winter clothes in summer.   Just imagine 0 degrees and you are almost naked haha.  For me that’s probably the worst thing, very hard to work this way.”

Sleeping pattern?

“I’m trying to sleep as much as I can, but sometimes it’s better to work, take jobs.  Even if I have only 3 hours of sleep, because it can be very busy during seasons.”

Your ideal of good models vs. bad models?

“For me professional models should know how to pose for any shoot and style.  I hate when girls just stand there without any effort or complain by saying they just can’t do it.”

First BIG job that made you feel like a REAL model?

“I think I was shooting for magazine in Istanbul, Turkey.  I was feeling really comfortable and free.  That was my best memory.”

What brands have your worked with?

“I have worked with too many to list :)”

Which notable magazines or publications have you been in?

“Many, but the most recognized would be Marie Claire, L’Officiel and Vogue.”

Future plans, any acting perhaps?

“For now no acting, just working on working in more countries.”

Anything quirky about you?

“I’m a master in acrobatics, gymnastics.  I’m also learning Chinese.”