The best body in the world?

LONDON: Primrose Hill

We recently caught up with super sexy Polish model Ludwika Cichecka, one of the hottest women living and modeling in Europe.  She was discovered at the innocent age of 14 but didn’t start her career till AFTER high school,

“I come from Poland and was discovered by an agency when I was 14, but didn’t want to start working until I finished school.  For me, education is more important so I waited until after high school to start my modeling career.”

What category of model are you, swimwear, fashion, commercial?

“Everything. I do a lot of commercial stuff, swimwear and lingerie.  Fortunately I have a D cup for lingerie.  But at the same time I am 1.80 cm high so I do catwalk as well.”

Which countries have you traveled to for work and which is your favorite?

“Almost everywhere, but I prefer to stay in Europe, because I am close to home and it’s much easier to travel from here.  I think the best place I have spent time in and most comfortable for me is London.”

Favorite designers at the moment and what does your closet look like?

“Tom Ford, Elie Saab, I like also new collections of Dolce Gabbana and Gucci, but well.. my closet like most of the people in fashion industry is… black.”

What’s your personal fashion style?

“I like mixing styles. Comfy, sexy and classy at the same time.”

Diet and exercise routine – daily?

“I have no diet.  I have never had one.  I eat almost everything except junk food I just don’t eat or like it.”

Any favorite desserts?

“Chocolate souffle and white chocolate cheesecake.”

Favorite alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages?

“Wine : ) and coconut water.”

What are a few things you enjoy most about modeling?

“What I enjoy the most is that there is no routine.  Traveling, visiting new places, meeting new people all the time is what I love.  I like to play with my look as well.  It’s great that on a shoot I can completely change and feel like a different person.  It’s a bit of acting.”

What are a few aspects of modeling that you don’t like?

“Well, nothing bad ever happened to me to be honest.  I am always nice to people so I guess it comes back to me.  Of course there are some jobs you like more, and some of them you just do for money.  You have to like your job as in every other industry and I like mine.”

How many of hours per night do you sleep and do you find sleep important?

“Depends, sometimes I have just have a few hours sleep between one job and the other.  That routine can be everyday.  However, there is finally one free day so I can sleep more, or catch up.  It’s changing all the time and the life is very irregular.  And yes, sleep is very important for everybody.  We need a lot of energy to work, travel, look good etc.”

What’s your idea of a good model vs. a bad model?

“A good model is a model which understands that modeling is work.  I’ve met a lot of girls, especially young ones, who just want to be a model, but they don’t really want to work.  They just want to post pictures on instagram etc. if you know what I mean.”

What was your first BIG job that made you feel like a REAL model?

“I think it was Sport Week Dreams magazine (Italian version of Sports Illustrated). We were 10 days in the Dominican Republic where I had just two days of shooting and I was treated like a star :)”

What brands have you worked with?


Which notable publications have you been in?

“Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel”

Any plans for acting in the future?

“I would love to try more acting.  For now I did just a few TV commercials and some small roles in short movies, but I still have time.  We will see.”

Anything quirky about you?

“I like painting, drawing etc.  It makes me feel relaxed.  I started to do yoga.  I skydived in South Africa and I fell in love.  If I could I would love try to skydive in every place in the world I visit. :)”