She is.... HOT

LONDON: Shoreditch

Dominika Sedlakova began her journey into the modeling world at just 16 years old.  From Slovakia but now residing in London, she continues to build her career in the fashion industry.  She seems to have captivated an audience with her fresh young beauty and positive artistic spirit.

“The way I got discovered was at a shopping malll.  One scout from what became my mother agency asked me if I wanted to try modeling.  My answer was positive, so I tried and started.  My first job was in Milano and there it all started :)”

What type of model are you considered to be?  Fashion, swimwear, commercial, lingerie, fitness?

“Well if I have to choose, then I’m probably fashion and commercial.  But I can do all haha.  It is very important that girls (models) can change character. 🙂 I would also like to start acting.”

Where have you traveled for work or lived? Which places do you prefer?

“I started in Milano, then I went to China, India, Istanbul, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Portugal, Lebanon, Paris, Germany, Austria and now London… I might have left out a few 🙂  My favorite places are London, Milano and Madrid.  I’m based in London and never been to the US, but I’m planning to go as soon as possible.”

Who are your favorite designers at the moment or what does your closet look like?

“I can not really say yet I have a favorite high fashion designer, cause I’m not really wearing their clothes so it doesn’t count.  Once I make lots of money by myself, then I will answer this question haha.  But I can say at least the ones I like – Heron Preston, Off White, Vetements, Hyein Seo, Rick Owens, Fear of God, Etudes Studio, Tibi and Bla Bla – all of these a lot.  My closet is mostly oversized pants and shirts or t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers.”

What is your personal fashion style, comfort? elegance? sport?

“Well it’s partly comfort but I have my own style.  There are people who don’t understand it.  I guess most people don’t get it. haha : )))  Or they think it’s weird, the style I wear.  But I feel good in it.  I love fashion and clothing in general, it can show who you are a bit, personality or which way you’re going.  You know what I mean”

What is your diet and exercise routine day to day?

“I have never had a diet and hopefully never will.  I prefer to do exercise 2-3 times per week.  I don’t need to do crazy sports to be fit.  I’m lucky at the moment.  It’s all in my genes for now.  But it is still good to exercise as it can help keep the body healthy!!!  That’s important!  Of course it’s also important to eat healthy, but I’m not there yet haha – hopefully one day.”

 Favorite desserts or sweet cravings?

“Uuffff favorite desserts?  Well I love fruits, since I’m not a kid anymore.  I guess with age sweet chocolate and stuff like that just disappeared from my apettite, don’t know why.  But of course I’m eating some, just not often, and not because I’m scared of my body shape.  It’s just not the taste I’m looking for at the moment ;)”

 Favorite beverages, either alcoholic or non alcoholic?

“Oh yes, I love beer haha, rose wine, margaritas and pinacoladas.”

What are a few aspects of modeling you enjoy?

“I am really starting to enjoy every photo shoot, show, video shoot more and more.  I feel like I finally found myself.  That’s how people who work in the industry like us the most I think, when you don’t need to role play characters (not always) but when you can be yourself.  I feel comfortable and people around me also feel comfortable.  I also love to travel.  Especially when I can be somewhere near the beach, where it’s warm, feels good 🙂  And it’s great cause I can also work when I travel like that!  But it’s not this sweet always heehee.  The modeling industry has also some minuses, but let’s talk about good things :))).”

What are some things you dislike about modeling?

“I mean there is always something we don’t like, in every kind of work.  It depends how we take every situation.  It’s always you and people around you!  Those are the only two things that can make problems.”

How many hours per night of sleep do you get and is it important?

“Well when I’m working it’s usually 8 hours (I try) and when I’m not and I’m having a holidays then I sleep how ever much I can – sometimes even 12 hours haha.  Yes of course, sleep is one of the most important things if we want to be able to work in modeling and do stuff.”

What is your idea of a good model vs. bad model with respect to lifestyle, habits and day to day living?

“I can not really say but I think many people believe that models need to only be pretty.  But there is so much more, it’s about our character, how we act with other people.  It’s about how we think, that is way more important.  What’s important is the shine and self confidence!!!!”

What was your first BIG job that made you feel like a REAL model?

“It was my first fashion week in Milano and just after I did a commercial for Coca Cola.”

What brands, fashion or commercial have you worked with?

“I have worked with Armani, Stella Jean, Giuseppe di Morabito and several small designers at various fashion weeks.  I have also done some e-commerce like Asos, River Island, Nasty Gal etc and a commercial for Coca Cola which was world wide.”

Any plans for acting? Hollywood?

“I would love to, trying my best at the moment.  You never know, maybe in few years I’m gonna say hi from red carpet or Cannes Haha.”

Anything quirky about you?  Perhaps into making clay pottery or skydiving?

“I love to do art, painting, drawing but especially remaking or altering clothes and styling myself or even other people.  I love designing everything that can be designed.”