True beauty is sometimes universal, not just in the eyes of the beholder...

LONDON: Marylebone

We recently caught up with Valeria Rudenko, 2016 Miss Ukraine finalist, in London.  She personifies the next generation of style, elegance and European beauty.  With a raw natural sex appeal and tons of “pretty” throughout her entire look from eyes to skin color, it’s easy to see why bookers keep her busy.

Where are you from and how did you start modeling?

“I was born in the Ukraine, Donetsk region but now based in Kiev & London.  A scout found me on known as the Russian Facebook app.  At first I didn’t believe them at all because the woman sent a contract with a Paris office address straight away.  So I took my time and after 1 1/2 years I signed with StarSystem.”

What type of model would you classify yourself as, fashion, runway, swimsuit?

“I guess I’m a commercial model but I work for every industry; lingerie, swimwear, fashion shows, high fashion magazines, etc.”

Where have you traveled or lived for work and which places are your favorites?

“At the beginning I traveled to Asia; Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and more West to Turkey.  A year ago I started working in Europe, Milano, Paris, London, Spain, Germany etc.  I haven’t been to the USA yet but I guess I will go soon.  My favorite places so far are Tokyo and Barcelona, but I love every city that I visit!  

What does your closet look like these days and who are your favorite designers?  You prefer sport, comfort, elegance?

“It’s summer now and I have a lot of colorful clothes in my wardrobe.  My favorite color is pink so I have everything now in soft pink, blue and yellow colors.  I always prefer comfortable clothes because it’s important when you are on castings all day or working.  I support Milla Nova (mainly wedding dresses) who is from the Ukraine.  I’m absolutely in love with her dresses.  I wore one at AmFar this year in Cannes.”

What does your diet an exercise routine look like?

“I’m against diets.  I just prefer to eat healthy and try to avoid sugar.  I am always checking ingredients on labels when food shopping or read the menu thoroughly at restaurants.  I like to work out at at gym where I have a personal female trainer.  She puts me through various exercises.  It’s fun.”

Continuing with diet, what are your favorite sinful desserts?

“I love all sweets in the world, but my favorite is gelato from Italy.  Italians are so good at making it!”

Any favorite alcoholic beverage?

“I don’t drink alcohol at all and don’t advise anyone to do so.  It’s just my preference.”

What are your favorite aspects of modeling?

“I enjoy every moment while I’m working.  I love buy job for everything, even if I’m waiting for a casting for up to three hours!  I love it.”

Can you name at least one thing you don’t enjoy about the modeling business?

“I don’t like fake people, but these types of people are not exclusive to the modeling industry.  They can be found in all aspects of life.”

Hours of sleep per night?

“If I don’t have an early job or flight I sleep around 7 to 10 hours per night.”

What was your first BIG job that made your feel like a real model?

“One year ago when I did the Versace collection.  That woke me up.”

Which notable publications have you been in?

“The biggest or most known are Vogue, Marie Claire & L’Officiel.”

Any exciting future plans?

“I’m planning to go to New York for the first time this year.  I hope to start working there!”