JELSOMINO: Karaoke With A Twist

More like a live Broadway performance or Cabaret, not a traditional Karaoke.

When someone mentions “Karaoke”, the word itself tends to turn off many people. Jelsomino has transformed the art of singing along with recorded music to an entirely different and new level. The Russian club provides not only the microphone, music and visual sing along tools, but LIVE hired vocalists, back up vocalists, musicians and dancers. It is an entirely new breed of Karaoke called “Ruskii Karaoke”, as seen on the business cards and website. I would not even label it as Karaoke but a combination of various songs performed by cover artists (and they are indeed REAL performing artists) along with YOU as the music plays and song scrolls across the various monitors.

vocalist Aksana Serjia performs live to inspire guests

Between sets Jelsomino hosts standard music which is played by a DJ who mixes it up with new and traditional dance hits. The main performance room or “stage area” is modern with scenic lighting and spot lights that make guests feel as if they are truly on stage like a celebrity performer with fans in adoration cheering them on (ok so they are really their drunk friends clapping but it looks great).

musician Johan Khiski toots his horn with hot guest

The back room is more of a lounge away from the staged area separated by a beautifully lit and decorated middle bar “hallway” where guests quench their dry throats after or prior to performing, assuming they are not seated at a table topped off with champagne or Russian Vodka. Once in the rear bar area, guests find an incredibly decorated lounge with a “back stage” feeling atmosphere (with a full bar-definitely a Russian backstage). In addition to plush sofa seating, the bar is lined with leather director’s chairs embossed with the surnames of various music legends as the walls host their images.

It is a refreshing mixture of fun and beauty while a HUGE step away from the average night time experience. Another positive note being the location, we love going to places AWAY from the Meatpacking District. Although not a fan of midtown, this venue is well worth the trip for every downtowner. A very cool spot that takes you a bit away from the “bored-inary” and into something sexy.

Just as they market “Ruskii Karaoke” to the public, just drop in and you can be the star. Jelsomino currently operates in Miami as well as Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. Sister establishments are MPD, The Double Seven, Mari Vanna and Courgette (upstairs of Jelsomino opening soon) in New York.