VERA JORDANOVA: Experienced Talent Forward

A beautiful and well known model gives her views on the modeling world and her experiences.

Vera Jordanova was born in Helsinki, Finland to Bulgarian parents. She is fluent in Finnish, English and Bulgarian (which is similar to Russian). Vera also can converse in Spanish and French.

Photo by Nicolaas de Bruin

Vera started modeling around 17 years old, scouted locally in Helsinki by a Finnish agency. From there she began modeling in Finland, Barcelona (where she also lived for 3 years), Milano, Paris, Madrid, Hamburg (Germany), Cape Town (South Africa -where she also lived for a bit), Los Angeles (where she lived prior to New York), Miami and New York (where she currently resides).

Photo by Hans Neumann

A seasoned model, she has other business opportunities in the works which are “top secret” according to her (of course I know an inkling of what is in the mix – but sworn to secrecy). Much of her modeling and acting career has benefitted her with networking, making personal and business contacts. However, she still follows traditional routines as other model-actresses.

Photo by Michael Haber

Photo by Nicolaas de Bruin

Photo by Michel Nafziger

So I proposed to her a tradtitional question related to modeling, “what is your diet like with favourite foods and things to avoid?”

[highlight_1]”I have found out that a good balance of everything is the way to go. I don’t forbid myself anything, especially because I love cooking and I often do everything from scratch… I am just cautious of how much I have. I have chocolate cake when I feel like it, I just try to balance it with more exercise the next day. I try not to eat big portions and not to eat too late at night. I try to eat as much organic as possible but not to extremes. I eat dairy. I come from Bulgaria where yogurt and Feta cheese come from and can’t imagine my life without them…hahaa. As i was raised vegetarian until turning 13, I have natural cravings for veggies which is a good thing. I know that the healthier I eat the more energy I have, so I crave mostly things that will give me good energy and make me feel better. I make the best salads. A dream of mine is to write a cook book.”[/highlight_1]


Photo by Nicolaas de Bruin

Photo by Giuliano Bekor

Photo by Hans Neumann

Some might remember her from the popular movie Hostel: Part II, which she played the sexy character Axelle. Vera also has been in numerous television series in Europe for more than 10 years. I can see why she is loved on film and photos with a sexy-desirable “girl next door look”, that never quite lives next door (unless you live in Monaco or Milano). We just don’t quite see nearly 6 feet tall with animal attraction beauties everyday of the week!

[highlight_1]”When I started modeling I did a Clarins campaign with Gilles Bensimon and YSL campaign for eye-wear. I also did Palmolive and Bacardi Lime. I’ve been always working but at almost 6 feet tall, I was always too curvy for Chanel or the big fashion designers, although I did some pret-a-porter fashion shows for Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Isabel Marant, Gai Matiolo, Lagerfeld, Leonard, Jean Charles de Castelbajac, all in Paris… When I moved to the US I concentrated more on acting.”[/highlight_1]


Photo by Jeff Olson

Her likes and dislikes about the modeling business (which she has begun winding down recently as moves towards more commercial but still creative business ventures):

[highlight_1]”Modeling gives a lot of opportunities and opens doors but one must be smart enough to realize to take advantage of them. Unfortunately when you’re young these things are not that important… I love modeling for the opportunity it has given me to travel the world, learn languages and cultivate myself. Not only have I learned about the world, but most importantly, I have learned about myself. You get to live alone, to support yourself alone. All that is tough at young age but yet great. It makes you responsible. I feel too blessed to start complaining about it, but if I am honest, at times I dislike the fact that during a shoot there are so many people touching you from the make-up artist and the hair dresser to the stylist… They all have a certain vision in their mind that they are going after and in the work process, they sometime forget that you are a real person. I don’t know how many times I’ve worn shoes that are too small and hurt for hours, corsets I cannot breath in – I have a few hot iron burns and a zipper scar too…”[/highlight_1]

Since she is a fan of fine wine and lychee martinis, these might help ease the pain of a difficult work day on occasion. She mentioned that she also enjoys watermelon lemonade but I think a little bit of vodka might also be a nice addition to her recipe.


Photo by Hans Neumann

Photo by James Weber

More than just modeling, acting and perhaps traveling has made her creative talent come to surface. That’s not to say her modeling is not important, as she has photographed with top or leading photographers from around the world. But I do believe she is being modest with her dream of writing a cook book. She will probably write an entire series of cook books. Perhaps she will develop some high fashion or highly publicised cooking show or modern dietary program that will aid aspiring models from passing out on shoots. In other words, she has clearly shown her capability of accomplishing more than the basic modeling or acting so why should she settle for a basic cook book? We will wait for that answer.

Photo by Hans Neumann

The girl next door who as a child and adolescent, was extremely gifted in math and even competed. She claims that she “loved solving equations in my spare time” when in school and is “still pretty nerdy”. I’m anxious to get the insside scoop on her latest business venture, which is not so far away from the fashion world but not so close to call it a “fashion business”. – (but close)

Photo by Sante D’Orazio

Vera Jordanova, an experienced and wise woman in the fashion and entertainment world still carving out further success for herself. She offers insight into the modeling world and shares a passion for life that so many lack. Looking fine and speaking plainly, she overshadows so many of the common attractive models and actresses that flood the streets of New York and Los Angeles. To be top of the food chain (as she is indeed) it comes from the manner or character of the individual. With financial opportunity shrinking in the global modeling industry, she is headed for higher ground.