THE SERVE: Heineken & The Bryan Brothers

At the Dream Downtown, Startenders & London 2012 Men’s Doubles Gold Medalists showed their serve.


Twin brothers Robert Charles Bryan (Bob) and Michael Carl Bryan (Mike) doled out gold medal serves with Heineken to kick off the US Open Tennis Championship over the next two weeks.

Bling Bling that London Gold

On hand was Heineken draught master, Franck Evers, who claimed his “accent is like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and like Arnold, he too cheated on his wife and is now divorced.”  I think he poured a little too much beer for himself.  He also boated that he has the best job in the world as he circumvents the globe showing how to pour beer correctly (not bad). 

Franck Evers, draught master for Heineken

[highlight_1]”I have the best job in the world.  I basically go from country to country and show people how to correctly pour beer.”[/highlight_1]



Heineken has traditionally sponsored the pre-party or “kick off” event for the US Open Tennis Tournament.

Heineken Row

It was a pleaure meeting the twin brothers as they shared their special pouring technique with the crowd at Heineken’s pre-launch event.  I look forward to watching them play on the courts soon.