RUSSELL JAMES: Nomad Two Worlds Book Launch Party

Russell James first introduced Nomad Two Worlds to us several years back at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen.

Russell James is well known for his work with many celebrities, Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, W, Marie Claire, the list goes on…ย  RHS was glad to speak with him at his launch event for not only his book but a fragrance launch (dubbed Raw Spirit Fire Tree).

Russell James and model Alissa Bourne

RHS caught up with Russell briefly to snap a few shots and thanked him for the gracious invite to his ABC Carpet & Home hosted event.ย  We didn’t have a chance to sample the fragrance oil, but we will catch up with that in the near future.

The stunning Miranda Kerr illuminated the room with her beauty

Surrounded and supported by people he works with on various projects, Russell was busy shaking hands and thanking guests.ย  A native Australian, he is always polite and eager to smile whilst with admirers of his work.

Attractive guest

Phillippe Doddard (center) and Nicole Trunfio

More attractive guests