Restaurateur Alon Jibli celebrated in style again at his famed restaurant Barbounia in the Flatiron.

Alon Jibli did it again.ย  His famous birthday filled Barbounia with RED HOT guests from every corner of the globe, including New York.

Alon Jibli happy at his birthday celebration

It was a nice evening for a party as it was Veterans Day (observed on Monday – day off) so bar tabs were filling up nicely at Barbounia.

A brief announcement about the marijuana smoking – “please stop”

RHS ran into Turkish designer Peyman Umay, British social guru Oliver Evans, Austrian model-socialite Barbara Duerrer and other notable guests.

Designer Peyman Umay

Model Alissa Bourne

Chateau’s Greg Guillebaut

Austrian model-socialite Barbara Duerrer

Russian beauty and spy Olga Rakhova

All in all the crowd was filled in like sardines in a box as Alon’s fame attracted an estimated 500+ guests all eager to watch him blow out his birthday candles.ย  A fun time.