The British invasion continues.

LONDON: Knightsbridge

Georgia Sumner is your typical above average hot sexy UK model from West Sussex.  This half Irish and half English model was discovered in London at the innocent age of just 11 whilst waiting in line to attend the Christina Aguilera concert at Wembley Arena.  She began her journey in the modeling world from that moment onward.

“I am half English, half Irish, born and raised in West Sussex, England. I was first ever discovered age 11 outside Wembley Arena in London waiting in line at a Christina Aguilera concert! That concert was brilliant for so many reasons!”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, sexy 3 Georgia Sumner, red hot, lingerie 2 Georgia Sumner, red hot, lingerie 3Countries traveled or lived in for work as a model?

“I’ve lived, worked and traveled to London, Dubai and throughout Europe. I’ve had recent offers to work with agencies in Istanbul, Mexico and Milan which I regretfully had to turn down because of my current schedule. Traveling is such a wonderful thing and it’s a blessing that it’s an opportunity in this industry. My favorite place to live and work goes without question… London! It has a unique energy that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, swim Georgia Sumner, red hot, swim 3 Georgia Sumner, red hot, swim 4Favorite designers at the moment?

“Currently my favorite designers and brands are Balmain, Versace, Alice & Olivia, Jill Stuart, Topshop, House of CB and Urban Outfitters. I love a statement piece; a bag, a jacket, shoes, a dress or a jumpsuit, I love that one thing that makes an outfit pop.  My style really depends on my mood, I’ll walk about the city in Timbs, ripped jeans, and my boyfriends snapback. Within hours I’ll do 180 and get glam in a classic LBD, a pair of pointy heels and a red lip.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, sexyDiet and exercise routine?

“Diet and exercise is a lifestyle choice and it’s bloody important. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love to work out! I love weight training, interval training, boxing, rowing. It gives me peace of mind in this crazy city, it keeps me in-shape, strong and toned and beach or underwear ready for a shoots. My boyfriend will tell you I’m a king in the kitchen, I love to cook and challenge myself with new recipes, my signature dish is roast salmon with a miso honey glaze and loads of veggies.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot fashion 2 Georgia Sumner, red hot fashionFavorite desserts?

“I’m honestly not a big desert girl and more than likely I’ll pass if i’m out for dinner. However, I will never be able to turn down a Twix, they are my biggest weakness!”

Georgia Sumner, red hot lingerieFavorite beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

“For non alcoholic I love Evian water – I lived there when I was younger! I go through so many bottles per day. I’m not completely boring though, for alcoholic I’m bouji and love a glass of  champagne.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, lingerie 7Aspects of modeling you like?

“I love the people I’ve met, so many dedicated innovative creative types; designers, make up artists, stylists, photographers and there’s nothing like being surrounded by that for me. Also the friends I’ve made, people think all models are catty, but most of the girls I’ve met and become friends with are some of the biggest sweethearts.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, sexy 4 Georgia Sumner, red hot, sexy 9 Georgia Sumner, red hot, lingerie 5Aspects of modeling you dislike?

“I strongly dislike the pressure that’s put on girls and women, in that this idea of being thin means you’re beautiful, it’s bullshit. Be healthy, get your work outs in, eat your veggies but if you feel like having a burger with cheese fries and coke at the weekend then do it! Have balance and that will bring you happiness. I wish this message was conveyed more in the industry.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, car Georgia Sumner, red hot, car 2 Georgia Sumner, red hot streetHow many hours of sleep do you get per night at is it important?

“I heart sleep. I try for 8 hours. Sleep is important and shows instantly on my face if I haven’t had enough or if I’ve been a good model, drank my water and had my 8 hours.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, lingerie 8 Georgia Sumner, red hot, lingerieWhat is your idea of a good model vs. a bad model?

“In the city that never sleeps it can be easy to get distracted by this event or that party and that’s fine if you do it right like Cinderella and leave by midnight (depending on your call time that is) but if you know you have to be fresh faced and up early when you’re still at the club at 4am chilling with Busta you know that you’re not taking it all that seriously. Again it’s just about balance.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, shirt Georgia Sumner, red hot, shirt 4 Georgia Sumner, red hot, shirt 3 Georgia Sumner, red hot, shirt 2What was your first big job that made you feel like a real model?

“My first 8 page spread when I was 16 for the fashion feature in Urban Life Magazine. It was just a really cool shoot on a yacht parked up in the Docklands, London. Amazingly it was a hot day (rare in England) and it was so bizarre to see myself in a magazine for the very first time. I wore a lot of Vivienne Westwood for that shoot and was completely infatuated with the clothes!”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, penthouseWhat brands, fashion or commercial, have your worked with?

“Michael Costello, Wildfox Couture, Ines Di Santo, Neiman Marcus, Long Tran, Jill Stuart, Galiahalv, Bloomingdales, Bridal Reflections, 10 Deep, Defend Paris, Lovers Friends.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, jewelry 3 Georgia Sumner, red hot, jewelry 2Notable publications or magazines published in?

“New York Journal, Huff Magazine, NYLON,  Zele Magazine, Gossee Magazine, Obscurae Magazine, Urban Life Magazine, Arsenic Magazine, Yume Magazine.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, lingerie, sexyAny future plans for acting?

“I am currently studying at T.Schreiber Studio for Film and Theatre. I have studied at various places in the city and in London, acting is my number one love. It feeds me in a way nothing else does and I’m so happy to be training 5 days a week at the moment. You can never have enough training.”

Georgia Sumner, red hotAnything quirky about you?

“I’ve been able to ski since I was 3, I’ve taken a bumble bee for a walk and I make a mean watermelon sangria.”

Georgia Sumner, red hot, swim 2 Georgia Sumner, red hot, swim 6