Behind the scenes is always better than planned out PR images.

LOS ANGELES: Beverly Hills

Residents from London, New York, Dubai, Holland, they all came to be a part of the 2016 Golden Globes pre, during and post festivities.  For locals of Los Angeles, it was just another week filled with high profile celebrities, glamour and over exited visitors wanting to document their experiences with images as “proof” they were a part of it all.

Golden Globes, W Magazine, QuentinTarantinoQuentin Tarantino & one excited guest

Golden Globes, Gerard Butler, W MagazineGerard Butler

The most dubbed “high profile” party was the W Magazine event at Chateau Marmont.  Attendees ranged from A-list to high profile guests in the entertainment sector.  Regardless of “who was who” and who was “not”, everyone enjoyed networking whilst sipping Dom Perignon and having their images taken on the step and repeat.  A fun, but conservative pre party.  If invited then one must attend.  If trying to get on the list, don’t sweat it too badly if next year you receive that “unfortunately we are unavailable to accommodate blah blah blah” because this party is meant for networking and photo ops for the fashion world.  Good for industry people and I mean PR and fashionistas on the fringe of Hollywood.

Golden Globes Moet Chandon party Golden Globes Moet Chandon Blind DragonMoet Chandon at Blind Dragon

The Moet Chandon party at Blind Dragon, perhaps not as high profile but definitely the most “real”.  After all, their booz seemed to be sponsoring many of the events both pre and post the actual awards.  Not too mention it was at one of LA’s hot spots partially owned by David Arquette (Bootsy Bellows co-owner and actor).  The Feng Shui seemed to be working for Moet the entire week.  Looking forward to next year’s sponsorship events as well.

The CAA party (NO PHOTOS ALLOWED – REALLY TOUGH RULES) was probably the best overall pre party at the well known Soho House which has multiple locations around the globe.  Every A-list actor you can imagine attended.  It was networking all the way, but the fact that 70% of attendees, meaning actors, agents, directors, producers, friends, etc. were full of alcohol – drunk, it was a fun atmosphere.  Truth be told, it was one of the only times Soho House West Hollywood had a pulse.

Golden Globes BAFTA partyBAFTA Tea Party (annual)

Speaking of lack of a pulse, there is a lack of enthusiasm and creativity for certain at this tea party which they seem to do also for the Oscars and perhaps a few other awards.  Not sure if Brits actually put this together as the feeling it might be just some Americans from the Midwest who have relocated to LA and trying to be British in their party planning.  All the Lords and legends we have come in contact with across the UK are more wild than your average fraternity boys.  But the networking is important and this pre tea gathering proved to be fruitful for many attendees before their afternoon nap.

Golden Globes Art Elysium Johnny Depp, Amber Herd Golden Globes Art Elysium Amber Herd, Johnny DeppLove birds, Amber Herd & Johnny Depp at Art of Elysium

If you are in Hollywood then you know what the Art of Elysium is and how top their galas and events always are in LA.  Beyond that, if the $5,000 a plate doesn’t phase your wallet, this is the best way to buy into the Hollywood scene.  Not too mention every dollar goes to a great cause.  This cause really is the future for celebrities.  It’s kind of like the Scientology of charities for A-listers.

Golden Globes, Jamie Foxx, Weinstein NetflixJamie Foxx

Golden Globes Weinstein NetFlix party Golden Globes, Mark Ruffalo, Ricardo Garcia, RED HOT SOCIETYMark Ruffalo & guest

Golden Globes, Greg Williams photography, Masha RudenkoGreg Williams & Masha Rudenko

Golden Globes Katherine McNamara, Ricardo Garcia, Weinstein NetflixGuest & Katherine McNamara

There are many opinions on what after party was the best, but there can only be one truth.  Weinstein Company with NetFlix seems to get it right every single time.  It attracts enough of the A-listers on both sides of the camera, but most important, other cool guests are invited.  The party people are always allowed in for fun.  It goes the distance till 2am and they always cut the bar off to get people out.  Not too mention the after-after parties all come from attendees of this particular post awards celebration.  Weinstein always knows how to throw a party.  If their films ever fail they can go into global event planning.

Golden Globes 2016 Weinstein NetFlix Golden Globes Netflix Weinstein