Eastern Europe is always HOT.

LONDON: Marylebone

Anna Zaton is an up and coming beauty from Poland living her dreams in Europe whilst climbing the ladder of the modeling “business”.  She has worked on various continents already in the beginning stages of her modeling career.  With attention from agencies in the USA and around Europe, this young babe’s face is sure to become more and more familiar in the near future.

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“I am from a small town in Poland. One day I decided not only to dream but also to fulfill my dreams so I took my chances and sent my pictures to some model agencies in Poland. Then I went to Warsaw and signed a contract with one of them.”

Anna Zaton 15Favorite places traveled or worked?

“I have travelled to Tokyo, Miami, Barcelona and Prague so far. And of course I’ve worked in Poland. Next year I’m planning to visit more European cities. Each place is unique. For now I will leave the choice of my favourite one until I get the chance to visit more places.”

Anna Zaton 29Diet and exercise routine?

“I don’t follow any special diet, because I think that diet should be your lifestyle, not a temporary thing. I try to eat healthy and balanced. Many fruits, vegetables, water, green tea. I also eat meat. I can’t survive too long without meat, haha. About my exercise routine.. I love working out. It makes me feel better, always. I either go to the gym or work out at home. I usually follow Ewa Chodakowska (Polish fitness guru) training programs. I also like to do pilates. My favourite outdoor activity is rollerblading. I run sometimes too.”

Anna Zaton red hot society 9Favorite desserts?

“Anything which is homemade. It’s always the most delicious.”

Anna Zaton red hot society 8Favorite beverage either alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

“Well, I guess I can say that I’m a tea lover haha”

Anna Zaton 32 Anna Zaton 31Favorable aspects about modeling?

“What I like the most is meeting so many inspiring people, you can see things from different perspective. I also like playing roles and of course the opportunity to travel all over the world.”

Anna Zaton red hot society 7Anna Zaton red hot society 3Dislikes about modeling?

“The thing I don’t like is that I can’t plan anything in advance. And also being away for a long time from family and friends can sometimes be hard too.”

Anna Zaton 1Anna Zaton 4Anna Zaton 3Anna Zaton 2 Hours of sleep per night?

“I usually sleep about 8 hours. And yes, sleep is very important. It affects everything, your health, body, skin, mood. And when you are a model you have to have all of those in perfect condition.”

Anna Zaton 22 Anna Zaton 19Any plans for acting, Hollywood perhaps?

“As I said before, I love playing roles so we will see what future brings hehe.”

Anna Zaton 27 Anna Zaton 11 Anna Zaton 12Quirkiest thing about you?

“That’s a hard question. I guess one thing is that I am a huge Harry Potter’s fan.  That’s fairly quirky. And I have recently started making handmade candles! If some of them actually come out nice then I will post them on my Instagram!”

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