New York City's emerging artist.

LOS ANGELES: West Hollywood

If you live in New York and attend loft parties and private events, chances are the name Eddy Bogaert has popped up in a few conversations.  An emerging artist who’s blend of 3D, pop and street styles combine well together for so many modern or progressive art lovers.  Mr. Bogaert recently exhibited at Art Basel Miami and now brings his work to Los Angeles.  Is it a fit?  LA is known for creating and housing transplants from around the world (artists) who find Southern California’s warm and colorful background as the perfect canvas to begin their visions.  Beyond that, West Coast people love wild and modern pieces of art.

The Chaotic World of Eddy Bogaert, art, skull3D “skull carpet” measuring around 20X14 feet

Eddy is doing something quite unique playing with night vs. day visuals, thus giving a buyer not just one work of art but two or three in the same piece (using black lights and/or 3D goggles).  But he has gone a step further by painting live models, exotic cars and now home furnishings such as expensive carpets.  This is a lightly tapped potential revenue stream.

The Chaotic World of Eddy BogaertArtist Eddy Bogaert

The Chaotic World of Eddy Bogaert, Karl LagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld rendering

The Chaotic World of Eddy Bogaert, Mariel NoirEddy Bogaert & Mariel Noir

“It’s something new and I’m excited about painting almost anything.  I’m just glad that my art is reaching people not only in New York but Miami and now Los Angeles.  It means a lot to me.”

The Chaotic World of Eddy Bogaert, Mickey Mouse, artHello Mickey Mouse

Eddy recently had an opening at a space off of La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles where many admirers of his work seemed excited to meet the man behind the wild and bright paintings.  Art buyers were asking for quotes for his work while mingling and handling their drinks.  Multitasking art patrons, why not?

The Chaotic World of Eddy Bogaert, art, exhibit The Chaotic World of Eddy Bogaert, art, bar The Chaotic World of Eddy Bogaert, art