NEW YORK: Chelsea

The gallery in the Dream Hotel Downtown hosted a party to celebrate the paper edition/book launch of Scott Lipps’ POPLIPPS social media brand.  The founder and president of One Model Management is heavily connected in the art and entertainment world.  His visual eye is keen to capture images and in turn captures the eyes of his followers via social media outlets.  Nylon Magazine, Nur Khan and Bally came together for fashion week to celebrate Scott’s social visual masterpiece.  A special performance by Courtney Love mandated that Scott also play drums on stage.

PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine +Nur KhanNur Khan making certain things are in order

The show started without a single hitch.  We can’t say the same for the Alexander Wang party with special performance from Lady Gaga this past weekend.  Technical crews worked frantically to resolve sound issues prior to her performance which resulted in the party starting late.  The Bally + PopLipps party started on time and it was one of the best looking crowds so far this fashion week in New York.

PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine Scott Lipps, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineScott Lipps preparing to sign books

PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine Scott Lipps + PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine Lera Loeb, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineThe lovely Lera Loeb from Antoine Verglas Studio

PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine JB Versini, Oli Evans, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineJean-Bernard Versini and Oli Evans

Timo Weber, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineOne of London’s nightlife captains, Timo Weber

Timo Weber of London from the famous Cuckoo Club (London), Le Baron (London), Salon (London), Embassy (London) and soon to be opening a new venue made it across the Atlantic.  We hope to catch up with him in the near future to get the details of his latest venture in the UK.  The German gentleman said “I really enjoy the energy of New York.  I quite like it.” 

PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine Jeff Rice, AnnMarie Nitti, James Huddleston, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineTop Hollywood Producer Jeff Rice, AnnMarie Nitti and James Huddleston

Jeff Rice, Tiesto, DJ Tiesto, Philippe-Artus J. HoerleJeff Rice, DJ Tiesto and Philippe-Artus J. Hoerle

Tiesto needs little introduction as his music has rocked stadiums worldwide.  Jeff Rice is one of the hottest producers in Hollywood at the moment.  He recently produced 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, Broken City starring Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg, End of Watch starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, Frozen Ground starring John Cusack and Nicholas Cage, to name a few…  Jeff is known in Los Angeles quite well and highly respected member of the Hollywood social and business circuit.

Holly Kiser, Jeff Rice, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineHolly Kiser and Jeff Rice

PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine AnnMarie Nitti, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineBeautiful model AnnMarie Nitti

Nur Khan, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineNur Khan and Courtney Love on stage for introduction

Courtney Love, Scott Lipps, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineCourtney Love singing and Scott Lipps on drums

Scott Lipps, Courtney Love, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineBesides being the president and founder of one of the hottest modeling agencies in New York, Author, social media guru, blogger, reality TV star… he plays the drums.  The all around expert is full of talent and the crowd certainly appreciated his efforts in all his works.

James Huddleston PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineJames Huddleston and Milena

PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineMilena’s dance moves

James Huddleston, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineAriel Vromen and James Huddleston

James Jimmy Goldstein, PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon MagazineModel and James “Jimmy” Goldstein

James “Jimmy” Goldstein made it to New York from Los Angeles last week.  We bumped into him at the Standard Hotel with his luggage still in tow.  Surprisingly, he was ready to hit the night within minutes that evening and hasn’t skipped a beat since.  We ran into him at the Let’s Panic Magazine launch as well as the Treats! Magazine White Party in Malibu, California earlier this month.  What can one expect from a man who is known for having one of the most impressive homes in Beverly Hills, stacks of cash and hey, his own nightclub in his house.  He picks the color of his car depending on the type of party he will attend in LA.  Now that’s quite a wardrobe!  Good to be an über rich celebutante.

PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine PoppLipps + Bally + Nylon Magazine Random beauty…