NEW YORK: Union Square

Artists have flooded various neighborhoods in New York since the city began.  For some, a concrete jungle is an inspiration for their work and lifestyle.  For others, it is just a layover to market their already successful work worldwide and check in on the art scene.  Artist Eddy Bogaert is one New Yorker who gathers his inspiration, creates and markets his work in this mega East Coast city.  The young artist is well known amongst the various social circles and has made a name for himself.  He is not the “average” guy going to his office job and trying to figure out what’s out there in life.  He has traveled around the world, become friends with people from all walks of life and social class, and has dedicated aspects of his own life experiences to his work.

“I feel like my life, at some point, was a highway traveling none stop.  Saying that, I found out that there’s no Shangri-La and utopia comes only from within.  It took me a long time to find that out.  I do have to say that I love New York City.  I believe it’s the heart of the world.  The city’s veins are its roads and its people who walk/run here to become something more than they ever were back home.  Its creativity and its competition keeps me on my toes at all times”

Eddie Bogaert, New YorkARTIST BEGINNING

“I have been painting all my life.  I have always been creative.  When I was a kid I use to paint on the wall.  I think many kids do that.  But I was stubborn and kept on going through out my teens in the Caribbean.  I would paint on walls, play basketball and surf (which I still suck at).  Soon after I began taking drama classes, which was a way to help cope with my mother’s death.  But I quit for various reasons.  I had always had time to paint and started using what I learned in acting class and started to use it on the canvas.”

Eddy Bogaert, artistIDEAS ABOUT ART

Eddy comes across as a well to do man about town, one wouldn’t think he had to hustle.  But like most New York artists, he had his side jobs.  Fortunately, being blessed with good genes, he was able to work as a male model and also in the nightlife sector.  Those jobs kept him in the creative time space, allowing him to work on his talents and create the incredible canvases of art we see today.

Eddy Bogaert, art workI wonder what sexual innuendos are on this canvas

According to his website and past conversations, he is described as a “mixed media painter.”  He is influenced by nightlife, lust, desire, pop culture – all the things that make New York a great East Coast and world city to be in.  His paintings are quoted as being “interactive with discreet subliminal messages.”


We see him as a creative and fun loving guy who has begun to fine tune his skills.  The affirmation of this fine tuning with respect to his work is clearly seen through his continual art sales.  He says,

“My buyers are literally from all over the world.  I can’t pinpoint one specific market because they are global, not just in New York.”

Eddy Bogaert, artHis work seems so new, different and fresh.  So many people these days think they are Picasso or Basquiat (Basquiat might have thought he was Picasso as well).  It all seems to be a foregone conclusion of taking photos of naked women and throwing some paint on top and trying to pawn it off for tens of thousands of dollars.  Anyone with some photography skills and a steady hand might be able to call themselves an artist.  But we see something different with Eddy Bogaert’s work.  We see a functional piece of art (watch the video below to understand the black lighting technique) that is modern.  It brings a cool feeling to the wall that makes a lot of people stop, look and either think or say, “wow”.  Once they see how the different lighting interacts with it, dark vs. light, the “wow” turns into “no way!”  Enthusiasts and collectors really do see pop culture, sex or a party hanging on the wall.  Like everything in life, multiple faces and hidden attributes or things yet to be discovered.  This gives his art a full and rich dimensional exposure.  And really, the buyer is getting two pieces of art for the price of one, assuming they use suggested lighting techniques for night time.

Eddy Bogaert, New York, artistWe had to ask Eddy one final question.  What is the ultimate goal here with the painting?  Fame?  Fortune?  To keep expressing and see what happens?  In his usual humble manner he simply responded,

“I just want to keep making a living, doing what I like to do.  But also, one always needs to expand and always need to grow.  We are put on this planet to evolve.  The day we stop evolving, that’s the day we die

Well said Eddy.  To understand more about his technique and view his collection, please visit the video below.

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