I think we all know that some higher power dropped a beauty bomb on Russia back in the 80’s and it targeted the female population so much, they dominate much of the modeling world today.  Lada Kravchenko is part of this living beauty legacy and she is a stunner.

“I always joke that I was born and raised in Moscow, but shaped and hardened in NYC.”

Lada Kravchenko, fashion, sexy Lada Kravchenko, fashion, polaroid Lada Kravchenko, fashion, polaroid 2How did you begin modeling and at what age?

“Funny enough, my pictures on Facebook caught the eye of some Russian scouts.  I was 18 and was excited to take a chance for traveling abroad.”

Lada Kravchenko, fashion, leather Lada Kravchenko, fashion, sexy, leather Lada Kravchenko, fashion, black whitePlaces you have traveled for your modeling career?

“I am so lucky to be exploring the world.  I have traveled all around Europe with many photo shoots at such unique locations as Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Hotel Negresco in Nice, Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.  Also, it’s been several dreams come true to experience a sunrise on top of Table Mountain in South Africa, climb all the way up to the Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong and taking a helicopter ride to Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.”

Lada Kravchenko, face, hair Lada Kravchenko, fashion, black white 2 Lada Kravchenko, face, side, modelFirst big job landed that excited you?

“I felt on top of the world five years ago when my booker told me that I got the True Religion brand jeans campaign.  That was so thrilling, exciting and unexpected.  Hearing it literally left me speechless.”

Lada Kravchenko, fashion, spring Lada Kravchenko, fashion, spring 2 Lada Kravchenko, sleepwear, whiteFavorite designers?

“Every designer has specific key qualities to be admired.  If I go to Italy or Russia, I have Dolce and Gabbana in my suitcase.  If I stop in London, I usually mix Topshop and Burberry.  Gucci dresses work the best for formal events, while the best street-wear for me is a pair of True Religion jeans, Frye boots and John Varvatos t-shirt.”

Lada Kravchenko, model, autumnNotable magazines you have been published in?

“To name a few popular – Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, L`Officiel, Grazia, Tatler, etc.”

Lada Kravchenko, fashion, colorSome of the notable brands worked with?

“There have been numerous companies who helped me to develop my career and achieve success.  But I`m especially thankful to L`oreal, True Religion and Revolve clothing for putting such faith and trust in me.”

Lada Kravchenko, face, side Lada Kravchenko, fashion, winterLada Kravchenko, face, modelDiet and exercise routine?

“I don`t really like such words as diet and exercise routine, they sound very boring.  In addition, when you`re into a health program, it becomes your lifestyle, not just a part-time change. So I do have quite a strict meal plan, created for me by my nutritionist.  It includes 1/4 cup of the complex carbohydrates such as brown rice or anything whole wheat for breakfast with protein.  Lunch and dinner consists of palm-sized portioning of protein (preferably fish) three times per day so including breakfast.  I also get an unlimited amount of veggies and greens.  Although this formula sounds quite sad, I found a lot of restaurants and cafes in NYC that provide healthy organic food.  The places work great with my diet.  My favorites are Juice Press, The Copenhagen, Armani Ristorante and Lexington Brass.”

Lada Kravchenko, lingerie, sexy Lada Kravchenko, lingerie, sexy, model“Talking about sports – I love kitesurfing, tennis and skydiving.  However, I spend much more time boxing with Michael Olajide at Aerospace, swimming and rock-climbing at The Chelsea Piers Sports Center.  Basically, I’m doing my best to keep it up to one or two hours every day, which can be extremely hard to maintain because of the tight traveling schedule.”

Lada Kravchenko, semi nude, sexy Lada Kravchenko, semi nude, model Lada Kravchenko, bodyAway from the diet, any favorite foods, alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages?

“I’m a big fan of everything organic, natural and preferably vegan.  So when I cook something special or visit a nice cafe, I share it on my twitter (@lada_k_), where you can get some healthy lifestyle inspiration.”

Lada Kravchenko, swimwear Lada Kravchenko, fashion, shorts Lada Kravchenko, lingerieWhat is your perception of the modeling industry now that you have had a lot of experience inside of it?

“With over six years so far in modeling, I have seen pretty much a lot.  The most interesting thing for me is how fast the industry changes and how different all the international markets are today.  There was a huge shift from super skinny anorexic girls having an ‘alien’ look,  To fit or healthy and glowing models for both fashion and commercial runways.  Also, their role has changed.  Before girls were money making machines, now they need to have personality in order to participate more and more in advertising campaigns as spokes persons.  They also need to have a clear vision of their social responsibilities and personal goals.”

Lada Kravchenko, face, shot Lada Kravchenko, magazineAny ideas for future work in acting or some other career?

“I think I should go for a type of work I’m truly passionate about, for last six years it has been modeling for me.”

Lada Kravchenko, smoker Lada Kravchenko, smoker 2Something quirky about you?

“All mentioned above, plus being a qualified Burner.  I can`t miss even one Burning Man festival in Nevada desert.”

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