New Yorkers are ultra stylish and take pride not only in their work but looks, social calendar and friends.

Some city slickers make a splash almost effortlessly. With picturesque surroundings, a decent tailor and good looks, these mega chic New Yorkers are a walking photo production. But it isn’t just all glitter. Many of these fashionistas are continuing their work beyond the office, when out for the evening (thank you smart phones).

Mystery girl possibly posing for the camera, but then again it is too natural

Luciano and Hana discuss fashion, photography and world peace at No. 8

One doesn’t have to be a top model or sports star to hit the HOTTEST places and mingle with the HOT crowd. It is usually more business than pleasure at night. It was rumored that nearly 30% of total business transactions (all sectors) were completed in some night time event, restaurant or liquor establishment (bar-club). Of that 30% it was rumored that three quarters (3/4) of those closed agreements or contracts were done in the presence of alcohol (won’t get into illicit substances). Needless to say, inhabitants of New York like to go out, look good, be seen, mingle and conduct business if possible in an environment other than an office.

Barbara checks her schedule for the morning and her investment portfolio in Hong Kong & Sydney

She agreed with my recommendation on copper and coal for 2013

Non rehearsed elegance, natural charisma and looks. Many city dwellers are attracted to the sins of night. The dark side of the evening sometimes brings out the strongest glamour and sexual energy. As a friend once quoted to me, “everyone wants strange”. I thought he meant like a weirdo. Then he clarified, “everyone wants something different, unfamiliar and new, the excitement of that first everything.” Wise words or sleazy words pending your own interpretation. But it is the evening lust and glamour that attracts a certain population. Perhaps the population that works hard and plays even harder. Unless you know of a time and place where ladies put on four inch heels and black tight dresses for breakfast and trade their stock portfolios on a Blackberry or I-Phone? Please let me know.

Cigar smoking & dirty martini drinking Vladlena had a meeting with her partner at Electric Room

I asked one of New York’s Barons of the Social Scene, Fabrizio Brienza, what he thought about the whole seduction, glamour and connection scene at night. He said, “There is time to work and a time to play. Tonight we can do it all.”

Fabrizio questions the Social Scene these days as it looks more like work

Some people are fortunate that glamour radiates from their character. They even conduct business without trying to conduct business. They are the centerpiece of the networking concept because EVERYONE is trying to know them, get to them. I call them “Social Celebrities” and they are a natural phenomemon.

Luciano tries not to work but the business keeps coming to him

Glamour, seduction, evening beauty and bundling (I think that’s the word of 2012) it all together for work and pleasure. Dinner, a few cocktails, a hot person or two across the table…oh, and get some work done as well. The colour of night has changed.