154 Smart Clothes presents INSOMNIA, featuring the works of Peter Ruprecht & Reka Nyari.

INSOMNIA takes you on an extrasensory journey through dust, beauty and disgust.  The collection features several color and black and white photographs by Peter Ruprecht (shot at Burning Man), and Reka Nyari (whose photography juxtaposes lust and disgust) and an art car designed by Yarrow Mazzetti.  All together, they create an environment that invokes an almost altered sensory state, a surreal journey through dramatic environments and illuminated eroticism.


Peter Ruprecht explains his photographs “as a dance between chemicals which collide on paper and wrap their toxic arms around each other in order to produce the beautifully vivid images that remain burned into our memories as iconic photographs”. His four pieces, produced in giant proportions of over 90 inches, draw audiences into the scenes.  This gives each individual the opportunity to feel they are in the moment, rather than simply gaze at a photograph about a moment.

Reka Nyari included large pieces in INSOMNIA which range from a stunningly beautiful female nudes combined with animal carcasses, to classically shot black and white nude self portraits.  Other works included surreal and provocative black light photography, shots exclusively by using UV-lighting and black-light reactive paints and garments, with minimal post-processing. The three series worked together to create a truly unforgettable sensual journey.

Yarrow Mazzetti has delivered one of his “Lady Bugz” to the gallery floor.  It is a golf cart that has been reengineered to look like a ladybug.  Made with custom fiberglass molding and custom light and sound equipment, the car was originally developed as transportation for the Burning Man Festival.  For now this piece of genius on wheels resides as part of the Insomnia Exhibition.

The collaborative effort between Reka and Peter illustrates a deep connection and loyalty each artist has to the craft and people. The work displayed at 154 Smart Clothes “is not just sexy and brightly colored, but significant to a new era of provocative, cutting-edge art. It symbolizes a transformation in NYC’s art scene”, says gallery director, Justin Hysell.

About Peter Ruprecht:

Peter Ruprecht was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976.  An Ivy league graduate from Dartmouth with a degree in Economics, a professional skier ranked in the top 5 of the US by the age of 18, and a long standing career working at significant companies of stature including Merrill Lynch, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Peter’s cultural depth, exotic travels and rich personal and professional character have contributed to his eye for seeking the spirit of the moment.  This eye has lead him to become an award-winning photographer and creative director who has photographed for publications such as InStyle and Complex and for brands such as L’Oreal, Timex, Ecko, Red Bull, etc.  He has published a limited edition book titled, “One Night in New York” and his work can be seen in permanent collections around the world; from James Hotel and Splashlight Studios in New York to the Las Cumbres Gallery in Uruguay.  In 2012 alone Peter has had shows in Uruguay, Argentina, Miami, and New York.   More of his work can be seen at

About Reka Nyari:

Born in 1979 to a Finnish mother and a Hungarian father, Reka started painting even before she could walk or talk. This led her to New York to study Painting at SVA at the age on 17. Her love for Photography started when she started modeling after graduating from school, and traveling and working in Asia and Europe. Reka moved back to NYC in 2004 and started her career as a photographer. She works and plays in New York City, creating Fashion Editorials, campaign, CD covers, artistic portraits, and erotic photography. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the US and Europe, with a recent exhibition at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.  Her commercial client list is extensive an includes Nexus, Kiki de Montparnasse, RADO Switzerland, AOL, Liz Claiborne, MODO, Caress, DC Comics, Sally Hansen and Ultra Records. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines, including Esquire, Vanity Fair, Tatler Magazine, Korean Cosmopolitan, Twill, and Vice.  In 2010, she won first place on the prestigious International Photography Awards (IPA) in Professional Beauty Category.  Her 225 page Monograph titled “Femme Fetale: Female Erotic Photography.” was published in 2010 by Tectum Publishers, translated to 6 languages, and is sold Worldwide. More of her work can be seen at

(press release provided by Katie Campisano)