CORA DEITZ: Photos by Michael Church

An American beauty from the East Coast reminds the modeling world that the USA is still on top.

Cora Deitz is from the mountain area of North Carolina.  Raised in a small town, but with big ambitions, she has begun to make her way from coast to coast booking campaigns and video work in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.  Attending school for Psychology (because there isn’t a HOT BABE degree, or is there?) she works at staying focussed on work, school and a little fun.

Cora Deitz2 by Igo PhotographyPhoto by Doug Brooks

Cora Deitz6Photo by Michael Church

Cora Deitz13Photo by Doug Brooks

How did Cora start this modeling gig anyway?

“I was 17 years old and a hot girl in a mall, covered in tattoos with pink dread locks, dropped off flyers for a ‘Vampire Art Book Model Search’ in the store I was in.  I chased her down and asked her about it.  From that I got a 12 page spread in the finished art book (Sanguis Vitam Est), fell in love with the camera and was signed by my first agency 3 months later.” 

Cora Deitz7Photo by Michael Church

Cora Deitz bw bikini 2Photo by Michael Church

Cora Deitz bw bikini 3Photo by Michael Church

Cora Deitz bw bikiniPhoto by Michael Church

All models have their eating habits.  How do you think they maintain their physique?  It’s Sushi for breakfast, soy chips for lunch and an apple for dinner.  Then a heavy 5 hour workout per day at the gym, or maybe not…

“I hate to admit this, but I have the eating habits of a 5 year old, hahah.  I don’t like anything green!  No vegetables, no fruit – it’s awful.  I believe it’s a texture thing.  I hate the way veggies crunch in your mouth… *shudders*.  My favorite foods are chicken, potatoes and steak!  So instead of maintaining my weight with the foods I eat, I try to be smart about the way I eat them.  I try to eat several small meals a day to keep my metabolism going strong, grilled chicken instead of fried and lots of tilapia!  I also dance as much as possible!  I had 17 years of dance training and taught dance classes for a bit before I started modeling, but with modeling and traveling my schedule’s become too hectic for dance classes.  So instead I try to go out dancing on my free nights as much as possible!  Salsa clubs are my favorite ;)”

Cora Deitz bikiniPhoto by Michael Church

Cora Deitz bwIs it legal to be this naturally sexy?

“My favorite thing to drink is really thick, dark beer, something like Guinness Extra Stout or Black IPA’s.  My favorite beer is called ‘Moo Hoo’, a chocolate milk porter.  Sooo good!”

Right about now, there are a few women wondering how her diet is so non routine for a model and how she maintains a super tight body.  It must be the salsa dancing.  I’m sure it isn’t the Moo Hoo or the Guinness Extra Stout that does it.

Cora Deitz 2Cora Deitz by Henrique DePaivaPhoto by Henrique DePaiva

Cora Deitz by Jeremy Igo or Igo PhotographyPhoto by Doug Brooks

“I’ve shot for GQ South Africa, FHM Turkey, Sports Illustrated, InStyle Magazine and ESPN Magazine.  Some big ad campaigns I’ve done were for Coca Cola, Hanes, K Swiss Tennis Shoes, several clothing and swimsuit lines (i.e. Montoya Swimwear, Rockin’ Bones Clothing, Brides Inc., etc.) and was the spokesmodel for a cosmetic line, Divon Cosmetics.”

Cora Deitz by Laura JohnstonPhoto by Laura Johnston

Cora Deitz by Laura Johnston 2Photo by Laura Johnston

cora deitz camera phone


“What I love the most about modeling is getting to travel.  I love seeing new places and meeting new people.  I also just love shooting.  It is so much fun to me to be in front of the camera, channeling my inspirations (Marilyn Monroe, Laeticia Casta, etc.), and trying to portray a different energy or emotion in every picture.  It is such a creative outlet for me, shooting allows me to express myself in a way I was always too shy or didn’t feel comfortable doing in real life.” 


“The hardest part of modeling is there is so much pressure in this industry.  Pressure to be thin, have perfect skin, have the right hair style and just the right amount of tan.  I hate how much money I spend trying to maintain my fingernails, my hair color, my skin color, my weight, etc.  Though in the end, it always pays off.”

Cora Deitz facePhoto by Laura Goodman

Cora Deitz photoPhoto by Jose Amigo

Her talent is crossing over to video and film.

“As far as TV and acting, the biggest thing I’ve done was a music video for Shaggy.  I’ve also been in several TV commercials, a feature length film – The Foreigner, a skit with Danny McBride for and was featured on the HBO series Eastbound and Down.”

Cora Deitz tank topPhoto by Scott Russell

Cora Deitz toplessPhoto by Jose Amigo

Cora Deitz by Jason BenjaminPhoto by Jason Benjamin

Cora Deitz by Jason Benjamin2Photo by Jason Benjamin

Cora Deitz by Igo PhotographyPhoto by Doug Brooks

All natural American beauty and a great personality to match.  Finally, a RED HOT girl that enjoys life (beef & poultry) because she has the genetics to support it.  She promised to share a pint of Guiness with us in London so we will see!