SIMONA STARKUTE Personifies Lithuanian Beauty

It’s not everyday we meet an exotic 5’10 Eastern-Northern European beauty from the Baltic who has down to earth core values.

Simona Starkute possesses those “once in life time” qualities. No it’s not her perfect legs, perfect face, perfect skin, perfect smile, perfect hair or perfect ass (although it could be). It is in fact the combination of her beauty, the success she has made of it, her closeness to her home and friends or family around her. Most models (here we go with the generalization) flee from their homeland, recreating themselves (often repatriating themselves also) in hopes of landing their big beauty deal that will give them recognition in the USA (or some prince charming). But Simona never wanted to be a model.

[highlight_2]”I started as a model when I was 16 years old. It was kind of a funny story ’cause I NEVER, EVER wanted to be a model. There was an agency did a scouting in my school and my best friend found out the details. It was always her dream to be a model but she didn’t feel comfortable to do a casting on her own, so she asked me to go with her. There were loads of girls – different types, different ages. I sat down away from all of the “contestants” next to an exit door and suddenly saw the scout had pointed at me. She asked me a few questions, took some snapshots and gave her card to me. I was the only girl from the entire school that she picked. I never called her, in fact I threw her card out and forgot about everything until after several months she had begun to look for me. She called my school. She found my home number and had a chat with one of my parents and convinced them to speak to me about trying modeling. After one month I flew to Milan and that was my beginning.”[/highlight_2]

Simona Starkute  backSimona Sarkute white bikiniSimona StarkuteSo she was whisked away at an early age to the hustle and bustle of Milano where Italian stallions and spaghetti are more common than pints of beer in an Irish pub. Sounds exciting and potentially erotic. But it doesn’t become so edgy and heated. She has managed to maintain her home in Lithuania. In fact, I was a bit shocked as to why she didn’t leave for greener pastures, the closest being Moscow or London. With her looks I would have thought permanent residency in Paris with 5 boyfriends around the world. However, she managed to keep a level head.

[highlight_2]”I have always lived in Lithuania. I am born in this country, I was raised here and I am not planing to leave it in the future πŸ™‚ I travelled around the world with my work and didn`t stay in one place more than 2-3 months. My trips for modeling have been New York, Miami, Paris, London, Milan, South Korea, Japan, China, Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey and many islands. I visited a lot of islands and many beautiful places for photo shoots like Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Sardinia, Corsica, Monaco, Maldives, Cape Town, India, Morocco and so on.”[/highlight_2]

Simon Starkute palyboy nI’m guessing the background is Japan, but then again I only see the foreground…

Simona Starkute  blue topNatural beauty radiates even through the lens of a camera phone

Simona Starkute aqua Simona Starkute behind scenesBehind the scenes

Simona Starkute black bikini[highlight_2]”It’s funny ’cause in the beginning I hated modelling…. It’s very hard work and until I got what the job was all about, it wasn’t easy for me. But I guess EVERY beginning is difficult. step by step I learned the best ways to communicate with the agencies, bookers, clients, photographers and everyone else at photo shoots and so on. With all that new knowledge and improved dealings, I started to get loads of bookings in beautiful places around the world and that`s how real work and real success came in to the ‘Simona Starkute’ world πŸ™‚ Everyone started to respect me, from that moment, I understood that the job was going to make my dreams come true πŸ™‚ And it really does almost every week, day to day πŸ™‚ Everyday I am growing in my mind through travels and dealings, learning as a model and as a person. It is an amazing feeling. So I do love modeling a lot, ’cause I have been able to see many different places and cultures. This develops a person’s communication skills, learning loads of new things plus getting paid! πŸ™‚ But of course, there are things that I sometimes don’t like in this job, like waking up early in the morning, ’cause most location shoots have a call time of 4 or 5am. I also don’t like flying. I hate airplane food and small spaces for my body and legs. It doesn’t matter what class of ticket, First or Economy, there is never enough room. In the past it was annoying to live in those model houses, ’cause models share rooms, bathrooms and have no privacy. I still don’t like that loads of people in this industry are rude and so forth. But after some time, like many things in life, people get used to all these things and take it as a part of the job. Now, I don’t pay attention to so many of these aspects. As for men? Thanks be to God, men never tried to pressure me to sleep with them for anything. But I guess it depends on the girl. Some think they will get ahead if they do I guess. Anyway, in all of the above cases, for good and bad, I can say that modeling is my dream job! :)”[/highlight_2]

Simona Starkute black white Simona Starkute blue Simona Starkute brown lingerie Simona Starkute brown one pieceSo how does this this RED HOT “10” maintain her RED HOT looks and body? It can’t just be all the carrot and orange juice she drinks. Could be the red wine but most certainly isn’t the vodka she likes when she feels like “partying” (only Grey Goose fyi).

[highlight_2]”I am actually a very lucky girl ’cause to keep my self in shape I don`t do any diets. Once in a while I go to the gym, everyday I try to drink loads of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. I love fresh juices! As many other people these days I eat fresh organic foods. I also try to sleep a lot! πŸ™‚ I just love sleeping and I think its very good for your entire body. Sometimes, if I am not very busy I will go one day without food, just a bunch of water. I think we all need to give a bit of a rest to our inner body.”[/highlight_2]

Simona Starkute Editorial for L’Officiel

Simona_Starkute_8Simona Starkute one pieceSimona Starkute plumSimona Starkute calendarsimona-starkute-su-playboy-7Shot for Playboy

[highlight_2]”The funniest thing about me I think is that I am a somnambulist πŸ™‚ I do stupid things when I sleep. I walk into a room laughing or I am crying or I am talking. I think that scares people :))))))”[/highlight_2]


I am sure there are many men who wouldn’t mind her sleepwalking one bit at all….