Legendary photographer, Antoine Verglas, know for shooting some of the world’s top fashion campaigns and magazine covers held a VIP reception for his latest visual masterpiece dubbed “Untitled”.  Raised in Paris, Antoine Verglas first became known for being a tennis pro and television personality.  After moving to New York he entered into photography and shortly after became one of the most sought after photographers in the fashion world.  Friends, family and supporters joined Mr. Verglas to celebrate his latest book at New York City’s Clic Gallery.

Antoine Verglas, Alessandra Pozzi, Clic Gallery, Untitled LaunchAntoine Verglas and top model Alessandra Pozzi at Clic Gallery

A collection of images chiefly in black and white (his famed style) of women semi, implied and totally nude (some with clothing) is the core of his artistic style.

Robert BurkeFashion and PR guru Robert Burke drops in

Antoine Verglas, Book Launch Frederick LeSort, Charlene Vanneste, Antoine Verglas, UntitledFrederick Lesort and Charlene Vanneste

Julia Pereira, model, Antoine Verglas, UntitledThe beautiful Julia Pereira

Antoine Verglas, Isabella Persson Öberg Antoine Verglas and Isabella Persson Öberg

Beata B, Beata Boman, Beata BohmanDesigner Beata Bohman (also known as Beata B)

Kira Dikhtyar, Antoine Verglas, UntitledTop Model Kira Dikhtyar

DJ, Antoine Verglas, Untitled models, Antoine Verglas, UntitledUntitled, Antoine Verglas, launch, partyAntoine Verglas being interviewed

Barbara Duerrer, model, Antoine Verglas, Untitled LaunchThe sexy Barbara Duerrer

Pascal RamattePascal Ramatte

Clic Gallery was overwhelmed with guests as they were eager to purchase and have a copy of their collectable book signed.  Antoine is already working on his next book.  No launch date has been set as of yet.