AMBER ARBUCCI: Adrenaline & Art

She is obviously RED HOT on the outside, but the internal joie de vivre is just as sexy if not more so.

Amber Arbucci, top model, artist, adventurer, photographer and part time adrenaline junky is all over the place (in a good way) with her day to day. Originally from New Smyrna Beach, Florida. She has lived in New York (owned the rock n’ roll bar named Snitch), Miami Beach, Paris, London, Italy, Israel and currently resides in Los Angeles. Whilst living in New York she visited Africa for 1 to 3 months at time (still travels to Africa for her photography). In Africa she discovered and became fond of the wildlife, particularly elephants.

Photo by Amber Arbucci entitled Stand Alone from the series “Secret of the Elephants” in Namibia

“The print Stand Alone is the power house of the series, Secret of the Elephants. Pictured here, the female matriarch elephant in all her glory, doing what she does best, caring for and protecting her babies when she is called upon to do so.

But how did these shots begin?

“I tented with elephants for three months and had to learn there ways before getting remotely close. The series is called Secret of the Elephants. The photo above was shot on the Namibian borders of Africa. The location was so far from the last Namibian tribes seen, that it was thought that these elephants were witnessing humans for the first time. Under those predicted circumstances, we encountered a completely different behavior pattern from other African elephants that I photographed. Understandably, they were aggressive at first, but then a mutual respect and a feeling of security arose after 6 weeks of living among them. This photo was shot on foot in the bush and I used a wide angle lens which means that the elephant is closer than it appears in the photo. I was just a few yards from the elephant before I had to roll out of the way from being trampled. This photo was taken at the beginning of the 6 weeks and it perfectly executes the description of her power and authority. The wise and almighty queen needs no help when called upon, she stands alone.”

Photo by Amber Arbucci from the series “Secret of the Elephants” in Namibia

Amber says the inspiration for the series;

The Secret of the Elephants discusses the quiet language that exists between the families. The eternal bond that they share and commitment to every member of their community outshines even our own humankind. Only by a close watch can we see and learn, but never hear, the secrets of the elephants.

Wild woman, prancing around the wilderness of Africa and dodging elephants, lions, hyena’s and probably wildebeest poop (no confirmation on that one).

I am pitching my own show as we speak that is a combination of the Tomb Raider meets Steve Erwin. WIldlife warrior, where the girl is on missions to save endangered species and get her shot. I have been personally rung on the phone (literally while in a hot air balloon 9pm over the border of Finland and Russia about to jump to get to the other side since borders were closed in order to film wild bear. Fortunately, for us 9pm is not complete darkness in the summertime there. However, my first jump out of a balloon and yes I wondered what I was doing the whole time climbing over that wicker basket! Passion rules my life.”

Amber’s art eventually became noticed by Nathan Turner (famous designer) where she was asked to participate in designing a project with him.

Amber Arbucci out of the wilderness and in society

“I met Nathan Turner an interior designer that is on the Bravo network for the show ‘Million Dolllar Decorator’ through an interview process when I was decorating a past residence. He saw all my prints around the house and asked me if they were for sale or how I acquired them. I told him that I in fact took them and had just finished a show in Vienna, Austria. The pieces he saw were just artist show pieces, which were not for sale. I produced 5 of each piece sized 60×40. The bigger the better is the attitude from most clients I deal with. Nathan got my info nd contacted me a couple months later asking me two things; first, if I would be willing to do a room in the Greystone Mansion with him. Second, if would I put my art in his store in NYC and on Melrose. After meeting for tea at Urth Cafe on Melrose, I agreed to do both. All three pieces sold out as soon as they hit the store with two women fighting over the last one. I had to print on demand another for his customer and get it shipped to an address on Central Park West that day. I decided to put three more pieces in his store again. They all sold in the same month. I chose to hold off on refilling the stock, because at the same time I had private clients contacting me from the articles printed up by Luxe Magazine. Luxe featured me in each city almost 4 months in a row. The 4th being just Los Angeles. Luxe Magazine met me through the red carpet event when Greystone Mansion unveiled the most talented interior designers. Nathan and I walked the red carpet together and he exclaimed I was his muse for his entire idea for the room after he saw my African series. Ralph Lauren and I were the only contributing artists to his room, which was a famous room….the bowling ally and brandy room that was in the movie THERE WILL BE BLOOD, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.”

Amber on location in Africa

Hard to believe you have probably seen her on television many times as she is one of the girls in the famous DOS EQUIS commercials with The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Yes, that’s her above to the left with Mr. Dos Equis himself…

Ok, it’s only natural that she is a TOP model with her RED HOT looks and supernatural joie de vivre (I think I mentioned that earlier).

Her beauty is as wild in nature as her adventurous spirit

“Amber’s work has appeared in U.S. magazines Marie Claire, GQ, Rolling Stone, Zink, Cosmopolitan, FHM, In Style, Interview magazine, Ocean Drive, Vegas, and international magazines L’Uomo Vogue, German Vogue, French Photo, Spoon, Eve, Loft, and Style magazine in the London Times. Amber has also done numerous advertising campaigns for a variety of clients, including True Religion, Victoria’s Secret, Rampage, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nicole Miller, Speedo, Sephora, Haynes, Fruit of the Loom, Donald J. Pliner, Triumph, Jockey, X.O.X.O., Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger, Parasuco Jeans, Absoul, Arizona Jeans, and UK’s Next Top Super Model 2005.”

She just finished a swimwear campaign for BCBG and her photos are quite amazing (unfortunately we can not publish those at present).

Hard to believe she likes to swim with sharks as well…

And that’s how she does it. She makes moves with elegance, raw beauty and an adventurous soul. She rides motorcycles, sky dives, passionate about photographing animals and is a top model above it all (she asked me not to discuss her junk food diet as many would be surprised, but she does like sushi). Oh, I wasn’t joking about her swimming with sharks…


(except for her behind the scenes video below)