MARINÉ PAULSEN: Photos by Peter Jirmann

Pragtige Suid-Afrikaanse vrou or beautiful South African woman, which is exactly why her look is in demand both in her country and Europe.

Mariné Paulsen is from Cape Town, South Africa (Kaapstad, Suid-Afrika) and for those who don’t know, it happens to be one of the prettiest places on Earth.  Naturally, beauty produces beauty or so it would appear (pun intended).

Regal beauty with a superior lustful manner

She started modeling at the age of 19 years old and said she was “scouted at a nightclub” of all places.  Thus far it seems to be working out for her.

Photo by Peter Jirmann

Photo by Marius Strydom

With a super fit body and a natural glow, RHS asked a bit about her activity.  After all, “you are what you eat” so goes the phrase.

“I try to live a very healthy lifestyle.  I eat healthy foods and try to stay away from those wrong carbs and processed foods.  I love cupcakes and any dessert like food, so I try and only spoil myself with one thing on my cheat day.  My favourite non alcoholic drink is Coke Zero.  My favourite alcoholic drink is vodka soda and fresh lime.”

Campaign for Tatras

Marine Paulsen fashionMariné has worked and lived in South Africa, Germany and Scandinavia.  She has done work campaigns for such brands as Totalsports (South Africa), Ruby Lingerie (South Africa), Tatras (Italy), Volvo (Switzerland) and the list continues.

“For what I adore about the industry?  I love travelling and getting to do something different everyday.  What I dislike?  I hate working with difficult and rude clients, plus it leaves no room to have a personal life.  This is the downside of the business.”

Campaign for Ruby Lingerie

“Hmm, describe my quirky self…  I love to be sarcastic and joke all the time, but people tend to think that I’m serious.  So sometimes I’d make a joke and be the only one laughing…”

One thing is for certain.  Her looks are no laughing matter.  They are RED HOT.