LOS ANGELES: Hollywood

Fans were lined up one more time on Hollywood Blvd. to see their beloved fictional character, Veronica Mars, for a film premiere.  Veronica Mars is co-written, produced, and directed by Rob Thomas and co-written with Diane Ruggiero.  It is a continuing film adaptation based on Thomas’ UPN/CW television series with the same name and stars Kristen Bell (as she also starred in the TV series).

Veronica Mars Premiere Party + Kristin Bell + red carpetKristin Bell aka Veronica Mars on the red carpet

It was a busy week as Veronica Mars was the third premiere for the week on Hollywood Blvd. with four scheduled in total.


Veronica Mars, former high school sleuth, has moved to New York City nine years after the events of Season 3. She wishes to distance herself as far from her hometown Neptune as possible, but is forced to return when her old boyfriend Logan Echolls is once again accused of murder”

Dax Shepard + Veronica Mars Premiere PartyDax Shepard attends the after party

Rob Thomas + Veronica Mars Premiere PartyRob Thomas (center) – writer, producer & director

Ryan Hansen + Veronica Mars Premiere PartyRyan Hansen having a dance atop the crowd

Kristen Bell + Francis Capra + Veronica Mars Premiere PartyKristen Bell (left) and Francis Capra (far right)

Kristin Bell + Veronica Mars Premiere Party Kristin Bell + Veronica Mars Premiere PartyMost of the cast headed to Sadie’s Kitchen on North Las Palmas Avenue.  Because a Kickstarter was one of the co-funding sources, the creative forces of Veronica Mars (i.e., actors, directors, etc.) were available for as many photos with guests as possible.  At one point there was a line of about 80 people waiting to have their portrait with Veronica Mars.  It was a different vibe all together.  Guests were somewhat displaced from the Hollywood or trying to be cool genre.  Probably because most, or the ones we spoke with, were not in any sort of entertainment related business but related to the Kickstarter group.  Refreshing and also enlightening, considering the crowd funding online platform, Kickstarter, actually funded a feature film.  Interesting concept and perhaps something to consider for future projects.

Veronica Mars Premiere Party Veronica Mars Premiere Party Veronica Mars Premiere Party Veronica Mars Premiere Party