NEW YORK: Chelsea

Interested in some new vodka?  It is truly an international brand with the product created in Australia, distilled in New Zealand, the bottle design coming out of New York, packaged in bottles that were crafted in France and with a cork top specifically created in Italy.  Throw in a top Hollywood and hospitality mogul Robert De Niro (actor, involved with the Nobu brand and co-creator of VDKA 6100) it sounds like an entrepreneur’s mixology for success.  Australian billionaire James Packer can be dubbed the other co-creator and financial backer of the brand (see a recent article click here).  Launched during the Tribeca Film Festival, which Robert De Niro was also a co-founder of, one can bet the exposure and press surrounding this pseudo-Hollywood event will generate great publicity for the brand.

Robert De Niro+ VDKA 6100 + Launch partyRobert De Niro at the launch surrounded by friends, family and VDKA 6100 executives

Although an awkward location for the launch, the thought might have been to capture the attention of the the new twenty something year old generation out of the gate.  Regardless of the venue, having a legend on board should shake it up a bit as they seek attention for the brand.

VDKA Launch + Party + New York + Robert De Niro VDKA 6100 launch + party + Robert De NiroAustralian DJ Sky Nellor back on the scene in the booth helping to elevate the mood

It seems many celebrities and those affiliated with celebrities have begun to launch their own liquor brands.  Challenging the larger global brands with a boutique or garage brand certainly becomes much easier with a billionaire backer such as Packer.  So there is hope for mega billionaire businessmen investing into smaller business sectors of “fun stuff” after all.  We wonder if he would invest in a few night clubs in Los Angeles…

VDKA Launch Party + New York