NEW YORK: Uptown

It’s not everyday that Hollywood actors dive into theater.  For some it is a reaffirmation of their skills and as to why they entered into the art in the first place.  For others, it is use to grow and sharpen their acting skills as they develop new talents whilst hoping to transfer their experience in the theater back to their movie sets.  James Franco is an A-List actor who certainly knows his theater quality as it was confirmed by the overwhelming praise from the performance attendees at the post party.

Of Mice and Men + James Franco + Broadway PlayDave Franco, James Franco & Tom Franco

James Franco + Broadway + Of Mice and Men Theater + Play + Of Mice and Men + James FrancoJames Franco celebrates with family

Nice to see such a star of high caliber with youthful spirit celebrating with family rather than a bunch of strangers on this night of accomplishment.  The after party itself footed a cost near $400,000 with an elaborate setting with overflowing champagne or cocktails, gourmet buffet and a 12 piece orchestra which played continuously.  Broadway understands its character as one of the the last cornerstones of elegance and opulence that is left in New York as society gives way to hip hop and tennis shoes.

Of Mice and Men + James FrancoJames Franco showing his support for those fans who support him

This wasn’t a room filled with a bunch of fashionistas who grew up in small town in Iowa or some Dakota and feel accomplished because they know the difference between Chianti and Cabernet whilst maintaining their 1 bedroom apartment (they still don’t know which fork to use at dinner).  Nor was this an event filled with young foreign girls wearing $100,000 watches while being paraded under the arm of a senior citizen male sponsor (older than their father) looking all flashy and sexy (regardless of their parents looking like sweatshop workers back home).  This was a gathering of intellectuals, professionals, upper crust (ok, perhaps they are boring) and the like who, although invisible to the “scene”, make up the back bone of the New York Metropolitan area.  Yes, 95% of the attendees spoke English without accents and had a proper job, it was nice.  But beyond the typical demographic of those who appreciate Broadway and theater, it was a celebration of the arts.

Of Mice and Men + Leven RambinActress Leven Rambin (right) with friend

A strong performance, strong after party and a strong outlook for the art we call theater acting on Broadway.  A little old fashioned seems to be going a long ways these days.  To be continued…

Of Mice and Men + party + broadway Of Mice and Men + after party