LOS ANGELES: Hollywood

The Golden Globes are taking precedence over this week in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean movie premieres stop.  The latest heart warming movie is based on a true story of a group of high school students who compete in an underwater robotics competition, first reported in Wired Magazine.  Stars of the film included Esai Morales, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis, George Lopez and many attended the red carpet movie premiere.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Sean McNamara, Esai Morales & other cast members


“With the help of their high school’s newest teacher (George Lopez), four Hispanic students form a robotics club.  Although they have no experience, the youths set their sights on a national robotics contest.  With $800 and parts scavenged from old cars, they build a robot and go up against reigning champion M.I.T.  Along the way, the students not only learn how to build a robot, they learn something far more important:  how to forge bonds that last a lifetime.”

Spare Parts, Esai Morales, movie premiereElissa Matsueda (writer) & Esai Morales

The after party was held nearby at an undisclosed location.  Fans, cast and crew attended to celebrate the “end” of the project and the “beginning” of it for the public.  Hollywood often overlooks real life cinema in search of fantasy, action or comedy type of drama.  Attendees appreciated the real life story of heroes of a younger generation accomplishing more than others and themselves ever expected.