SHARONA BAKKER: Photos Provided by Talitha Snow

Holland is known for its colorful flowered countryside, liberal cities and RED HOT models.

Sharona Bakker is from the small city of Zutphen, located roughly 70 miles East of Amsterdam.  She has lived and worked in Milan, Paris, New York and Capetown.  She started out modeling at a young age but then abandoned it for a while before starting up again.

“When I was 13 my neighbour, a photographer, approached me to take some portraits.  This was my first experience.  At the time school was my priority.  About two years ago I found several old modeling pictures and was inspired to start it up again.  I sent polaroids to agencies in Holland.  One called me back for a casting.  When I visited them they asked me to join a TV show called THE FACE which centers around model contestants.  I ended up placing second and my career started officially.”

Sharona Bakker faceThe Dutch beauty does give great face.

“What I love about modeling is the ability to meet a lot of different people and mostly friendly people.  The work is more unique or different and it’s never boring.  What I hate about modeling is you never know when you have a job.”

Sharona for Conleys (7) Sharona for Conleys (6) Sharona for Conleys (5) Sharona for Conleys (4)Sharona exudes natural sexuality that stuns most photographers.  Although starting late she has all but made up for lost time as her career continues to grow.

sharona bakker model SDR_BOSS_SS_0023 Sharona Bakker SDR_BOSS_SS_0011 Sharona Bakker OS-Kersefontein_Girls_Dec052012_0488c“I eat five times a day in order to keep my metabolism going.  I usually start my day with yogurt, muesli, Goji berries, flax seed oil and some fruit.  But it can also be two scrambled eggs with flax oil and fruit.  In between I also eat fruit or some veggies.  In the afternoon I usually eat a salad with chicken, avocado and lots of vegetables and I exchange the meat off with fish.  I try to get the most out of my carbs menu.  In the evening usually fish with vegetables or beef with vegetables, but it can also be a delicious Dutch stew.  I am also in love with drinking a lot of water between meals and green tea.  I like sushi as it’s so delicious.  Over the weekend I must have my red wine.”

Sounds like an extremely regimented food schedule.  It seems to be working well for her body.

Sharona_talithasnow (23) bw Sharona_talithasnow (24) bw Sharona_talithasnow (21) bw Sharona_talithasnow (14) Sharona_talithasnow (8)I asked Sharona what would follow her modeling career, more education, family or acting?

“Before working as a model I was involved with elderly care.  I took care of them and helped them with the things they could no longer do.  You really begin a relationship with many people.  I would like to work in this field again.”

Sharona Bakker + suzanne dikker 5 Simon & Sharona Bakker sharona2 Bakker Sharona Bakker supermodelBehind the scenes:

“Sometimes you have a very of fun team to work with, but sometimes this isn’t the case.  I usually work with fun teams that also encourage me to do everything well and I definitely feel comfortable.  I did a lot of tests in the beginning with Jeroen Van Lelieveld, a really nice photographer who helped me with my book.”

Sharona_talithasnow (17) Sharona_talithasnow (19) Sharona_talithasnow (16) 01_sharona_018 bakker“My hobbies? I enjoy reading and in the past I did a lot of sports.  I am into yoga at the moment.  I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends.  Also, I’m working a lot with my appearance and health.  I like to find out more ways to maintain beauty and find healthier foods so that I can give my body what it deserves and hopefully it will give back some good things to me.”

max Sharona Bakker Sharona Bakker model fashion Sharona Bakker fashion model polaroidSharona must be doing a lot of things right as from her simple polaroids, her natural beauty radiates onto the camera lens.  The Netherlands prove again to produce more than just beautiful flowers…