LOS ANGELES: West Hollywood

West Hollywood’s latest venue, Hooray Henry’s, kicked off for friends and family August 7th and brought in the local “IN” crowd. David Arquette is one of the partner’s behind the new venue (also Bootsy Bellows on Sunset) said, “Hooray Henry’s brings the charm of England to the naughty streets of West Hollywood. It’s the perfect place to meet friends, have a pint, practice your fake British accent and hopefully fall in love – even if it’s just for a night.”

David Arquette + Hooray Henry's + opening + LADavid Arquette with a “Buckingham Palace Guard” at the launch of Hooray Henry’s

David Arquette is a highly accomplished Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Father and more recently Entertainment-Entrepreneur-Guru of Los Angeles. Not too shabby for a guy from an already famous Hollywood family. Opening night was a hit with press enjoying the first 2 hours and the friends n’ family crew joining in after 9pm.

Hooray Henry's + west hollywood + Los Angeles + openingLos Angeles + Hooray Henry's + launch + opening + partyHooray Henry's + West Hollywood + launch party + David ArquetteStringed instrumental performance along with dance music was a nice touch

We didn’t catch the “Buckingham Palace Guard’s” name but in true British form he did manage to keep a straight face even whilst a tall blonde (very attractive) came up to hug him. He completely ignored her on the outside at least, keeping a cold stare across the room. The bar menu sported cute British names and British inspired “Nick Knacks” around the room.

Hooray Henry's + Hollywood + Los Angeles + David Arquette + Launch + openingTo be truly English a place should have “Spotted Dick” on the menu (popular English pudding), even at a pub. But then again, the Los Angeles crowd looks for swanky new places, crisp drinks and a good looking crowd. Hooray Henry’s certainly answered that call.

Hooray Henry's + dancer + opening + Los Angeles + West HollywoodHooray Henry's + lounge + opening + Los Angeles + West HollywoodA shy New Yorker makes her way through the crowd

Nicely nestled on Beverly close to Robertson, it gives locals a great place to pop into without having to drive through the chaos of Hollywood Blvd or Sunset Blvd. An upscale crowd outside attempting their luck at the door with an already over crowded venue attracted passers-by who became inspired to pull over and try their luck as well. It was VIP only however, so no chance for the general public until the weekend.

Hooray Henry's + Los Angeles + launch + David Arquette + LA + West Hollywood