Save Venice’s Masked Ball, Un Ballo in Maschera, returned to New York City April 5, 2013.

Save Venice Inc., based in New York, has raised more than $20 million dollars to restore more than 400 works of art and architecture in Venice, Italy.  Every year the organization selects restoration projects in collaboration with the Venetian Superintendencies of Monuments, Fine Arts and Museums.  Save Venice currently has more than 30 projects underway throughout the city, made possible with support from individuals, foundations, and Chapters in Boston and California.

In addition to raising funds through various communities and foundations, Save Venice organizes events to not only raise additional funds but to celebrate and increase awareness of the organization which was founded in 1966.  This year, the masquerade ball was held in the Pierre Hotel on 5th Avenue between 61st and 60th Streets in New York City.

Jessica Hart+Ashley Hart Save Venice Un Ballo in Masquera Masquerade BallJessica Hart, guest and Ashley Hart

Claire Fastier+Nikki Rothberg+Save Venice Masquerade Un Ballo in MascheraGuest, Claire Fastier and Nikki Rothberg

DSCN8682 Harry Brant (right)

Claire Courtin-Clarins+Natalya Poniatowski Save Venice Masquerade Ball Un Ballo in MascheraClaire Courtin-Clarins & Natalya Poniatowski

IMG_8522Polina Proshkina (right)

Save Venice Inc. was established in response to the serious damage caused by the November 1966 floods – the highest tide in Venice in the last century. More than thirty international committees were formed under the administrative umbrella of UNESCO to restore and preserve the priceless and irreplaceable cultural heritage of Venice.

Graceann Bennett+Lia Paulina Victoria Save Venice Masquerade Un Ballo in MascheraGraceann Bennett and Lia Paulina Victoria

DSCN8767Liam McMullan Save Venice Masquerade Un Ballo in MascheraLiam McMullan (center)

Nikki Rothberg+Save Venice Masquerade Un Ballo in MascheraNikki Rothberg

Save Venice Masquerade Un Ballo in Maschera Yan Assoun+Olivier Blaise+Polina Proshkina+Lana Smith+Dionisio Fontana Save Venice Masquerade Ball Un Ballo in MascheraYan Assoun, Olivier Blaise, Polina Proshkina, Lana Smith and Dionisio Fontana

Indira Cesarine+Save Venice Masquerade Ball Un Ballo in MasqueraUntitled Magazine and XXXX Magazine publisher Indira Cesarine

Dionisio Fontana+Owen Barnes Save Venice Masquerade BallDionisio Fontana and Owen Barnes

DSCN8717DSCN8749Each year, the Superintendents for the Artistic and Historic Heritage of Venice and for the Architectural Heritage of Venice, along with church leaders, museum curators, interested citizens, and friends of Save Venice suggest works of art and buildings in need of restoration. The board of Save Venice then chooses which projects to sponsor according to artistic merit and urgency of need. The conservation treatments are carried out by carefully selected restorers in Venice, and the restorers’ work is supervised both by the Superintendency and by Save Venice representatives. This attention to detail assures that donations are tracked at each step of the restoration process and are used wisely.